Why do a series of super storms suddenly appear around the world?

According to RT, it began to land in the eastern coastal provinces of the United States. Another storm, called Helene, is forming in the east of the ocean and moving towards Europe.

In the Caribbean Sea, tropical storm Isaac is gradually increasing wind power and may land in Jamaica next week.

Another storm named Joyce, pictured in the Indian Ocean, is heading to the Portuguese island.

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Super Typhoon Florence is about to land on the east coast of the United States.

Also in the Atlantic, meteorologists found a tropical storm forming in the Gulf of Mexico and could intensify in the next 48 hours.

In the Pacific, with winds of up to 250km / hour sweeping through the Philippines, 13 people died and is accelerating quickly into the South China Sea.

Meteorologist Tim Heller said that, during his 35-year career, he had never seen the activity of strong typhoons and at the same time.

'The ocean is like exploding with the storm's activities' , it's a post in the Washington Post. According to experts, this is the time of 'gold' for storms to form in the northern hemisphere.

While some experts blame climate change, two Hong Kong experts said that there are many factors that make the storm growing.

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Americans reinforced their homes against the winds of super typhoons.

Leung Wing-mo, former assistant director of observatory in Hong Kong, said the current wind direction led to more storms occurring in the Atlantic Ocean, but not the South Pacific.

'It is difficult to predict where there will be the most storms. Because there are many things we don't know. Hong Kong is just a small dot on the world map , 'Mr. Leung said.

According to this expert, the storm appeared in series at the same time is unusual, but not too surprising.

Fong Chi-kong, a Hong Kong meteorologist, said that there are many factors that lead to more and more storms.

'Even if climate change is the cause, we cannot confirm that X will lead to Y,' Fong said.

While experts need more time to analyze the ocean and the formation of storms, people in many parts of the world are alerted to deal with storms.

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