Why do beer and soft drinks add water to the body?

Water with sugar makes the blood thick, so the body needs more water to dilute the blood. Beer is an antidiuretic hormone inhibitor, so it causes kidneys to discharge more water.

We need to drink an average of 2 liters of water per day, depending on the weight of each person, but the actual demand also depends on many other factors such as weight, hot or cold weather, more or less movement. .

Many people go to see a doctor because they see urine is dark yellow, think of liver disease without knowing it is a sign of lack of water .

When there is a shortage of water, it should be compensated with filtered water, not with sugar, fresh water, beer .

To identify whether your body is hydrated or not, the simple way is to look at the urine color: pale yellow urine is enough to drink water, the darker the yellow urine is, the more water is lacking, the urine is their body we are overflowing.

When water is lacking, it should be compensated with filtered water rather than sugar, fresh water, beer, etc., as they can create a feeling of temporary thirst but increase the body's water demand.

When drinking sugary water , sugar will quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream, causing blood sugar levels to rise, blood will become more concentrated. At that time, the body needs more water to dilute the blood and the brain will signal the activation of a thirst that makes us thirsty even more.

Beer is an anti-urinary hormone inhibitor , so it makes the kidneys waste more water, causing us to lose more water.

Water is essential for the body, but people with special medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, decompensated cirrhosis, chronic kidney failure . need to limit drinking water according to the doctor's advice.

Children and the elderly are two people who are prone to lack of water because they are unaware or poorly aware. So adults should explain and remind children to be aware and know how to drink enough water.