Why is your laptop so good with ants?

Many people have encountered this dreadful situation, when insects naturally nest in your electronic devices. The most characteristic is the status of ants entering and nesting in users' laptops.

The reason why ants often nest in laptops

Walking through a number of technology forums in and outside the country, many people complained about being invaded by devices. Not only Laptops, even LCDs and PCs are very attractive to ants.

But in fact many people do not put food near work or drop into laptops, but there are still thousands of ants nesting inside. Why so?

This is due to the red ants (Solenopsis invicta) . This is an ant that usually nest in electronic devices, this insect often prefers high temperatures and wires . Due to the inefficient heat dissipation system, the temperature emitted from the laptop compared to devices such as PCs or monitors is relatively high, which is the reason why red ants often "move" into laptops. And yet, the circuit boards and trouble corners in laptops are also ideal conditions to build their ramparts.

Picture 1 of Why is your laptop so good with ants?
Ants are attracted by the temperature created by Laptop.

Of course, in addition to disturbing you during use, ants are also agents that destroy your computer. Red ants can even eat rubber bands on the inside of the machine.

Another concern comes from the perspectives that remain in the machine . This ant species is easily agitated by electrical currents in technology devices , when electrocuted, hormones are released and put them into alert status. At that time, ants will "go crazy" and fight. That's why there are so many opinions in the machine.

In addition, the sand and rubbish that "forgive" the nest will affect the cooling system of the machine, this system decides the survival of the processor chip. Very dangerous, right?

If you have a question about how to solve this problem, there is only one way, that is to immediately bring to the service center and repair service to clean the inside of the machine. Carefully check the internal components and wires, if damaged.

Picture 2 of Why is your laptop so good with ants?
Confirmed dead inside the laptop.

When ants made a nest on the inside of the laptop, measures such as shaking the ants to fall off, or turning off the radiator fan to kill the hot ants themselves were completely inefficient and harmful to the components inside the laptop. It's always better to prevent it, to minimize the risk of being invaded, always keep clean and clean electronic devices and areas where you work.

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