Will people clean up gold in the Solar System soon?

Scientists propose to preserve more than 85% of the solar system due to concerns that people will clean up gold and other resources in the system in just 400 years.

Accordingly, people will only exploit and study less than 1/8 resources, asteroids, stars . existing in the Solar System to avoid overexploitation of precious resources.

If left unchecked, people run the risk of depleting the Solar System - (Photo: The Guardian).

This proposal will not only protect the celestial bodies but also protect people from exhaustion of the entire resource and then seek alternative solutions and solutions.

Martin Elvis, astrophysicist at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, UK - affirmed that the solar system is the last place where humans can exploit resources.

According to The Guardian , many private companies around the world are eyeing the Moon, Mars and other asteroids to exploit some types of precious oil, cast iron, metal, and pure water.

In the UK, the Group unearthed asteroids that wanted to put satellites into orbit to explore the potential of exploiting asteroids around the Earth.

The European Space Agency also plans to build a village on the Moon with buildings and equipment installed on this celestial body.

"If everything goes as planned, we will have the first space exploration trip in 10 years. Once this starts and an individual makes a huge profit, people will fall like this. "find gold." We need to be really serious about this issue " - he affirmed.

According to Mr. Elvis, people will only take 400 years to exploit to exhaust all resources in the Solar System.

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