2 super Earths and 1 'ghost of the planet' live near us

According to a research team from Hertfordshire University, Open University and Queen Mary University (UK), the two super-Earths GJ 887b and GJ 887c are close to the edge of the star's so-called "life zone", the region with just enough distance to get the right temperature for life and keep the water liquid. For example, the Earth is the planet that fits at the center of the Sun's life region.

However, because they are so close to the edge, these two planets are quite hot. The more promising planet with life is GJ 887c, with a surface temperature of about 70 degrees Celsius and orbiting its star every 21.8 days. 

Picture 1 of 2 super Earths and 1 'ghost of the planet' live near us
Special planetary system with 2 super-Earths orbiting red dwarfs - (graphic image from Marl Garlick)

This temperature may be difficult to live with most Earth creatures, but does not exclude special alien life forms. Even on our planet, many lower-order creatures have been found in conditions that are not suitable for life: too hot, too cold, without oxygen, light .

GJ 887b is located closer to the parent star so it will be hotter, orbiting the parent star every 9.3 days.

Called the Super Earth because they are all rock planets of the same type as the Earth, but are much larger in size.

The red dwarf Gliese 887 is only half the Sun, which is much less energetic, so its habitable zone is also closer to its parent than the solar system. Located just 11 light-years from Earth, this is one of the brightest red dwarfs in our sky.

The authors also discovered a third planet signal, but not yet specified. If they are not mistaken, this "planetary ghost" is also a version of Earth, orbiting its parent star every 51 days and having a temperate climate.

The planets were discovered using a special tool located at the Southern European Observatory, located in La Silla - Chile. The research has just been published in the journal Science.

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