Detecting microscopic parasites on human face

These eight-legged ticks called Demodex are too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Dr. Michelle Trautwein, an expert at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, explains: 'Mites look like small worms'.

Picture 1 of Detecting microscopic parasites on human face
New images of microscopic ticks have been discovered.

In his studies, Dr. Trautwein analyzed the faces of more than 2,000 participants and facial ticks were discovered all over. The problem is that no one feels nervous when they know that there are ticks on their faces.

Mites only live for about 2 weeks and spend most of this time mating and laying eggs in pores. While most of us will never pay attention to ticks, they can cause serious problems for some unlucky people.

If they become overloaded in the skin, facial ticks can cause a condition called demodicosis .

'Most people suffering from demodicosis mistaken for whiteheads', Dr. Kanade Shinkai added. Before you panic, it is very unlikely that your face will harm you.

However, it seems that the existence of this parasite is not too dangerous for many people, so scientists warn against being too worried.

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