Discovered a purple moon may be full of extraterrestrial beings

Neptune's beautiful moon, Neptune, shines a light purple through the lens of a NASA spacecraft, possibly possessing an ocean of life.

NASA has revealed plans to explore the moon Triton, which it considers "mysterious and strange" to search for extraterrestrial life, through interesting evidence of a world that lives right beneath the ice. of this celestial body.

Picture 1 of Discovered a purple moon may be full of extraterrestrial beings
Neptune's moon Triton - (photo: NASA)

"The surface of Triton has all the features we have never seen before ," said Dr. Karl Michell, chief scientist for the Trident project at NASA's JPL Counter-Resilience Laboratory . motivating us to know how this world works, Triton is the whole key to solar science: a captured and developed Kuiper Belt object, a potential ocean world with active flow, young and energetic ionosphere ".

Scientists believe that Triton's oceanic world, which lies hidden beneath its beautiful ice crust, could be an "aquarium" full of extraterrestrial life.

In order to reach the moon from the farthest solar system, scientists prepared for the launch of the spacecraft in October 10-2025, once every 13 years, when Neptune , Jupiter and Earth are aligned. The spacecraft will borrow the gravity of Jupiter to fly all the way to Triton for a 13-year journey.

Triton is Neptune's largest moon, discovered in 1846 by British astronomer William Lassel. Triton is also the name of the sea god, son of the "sea king" Poseidon in Greek mythology. Under the lens of the spacecraft NASA Voyager 2, it appears with a faint purple hue, tinged with rainbow colors in some locations and has icy surfaces.

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