Elon Musk's super project could cause the telecommunications industry to collapse

Starlink's goal of bringing Internet connections around the world could threaten traditional Internet providers.

Opinion of author Derick David, written on Medium.

Starlink is a satellite constellation project developed by SpaceX with the goal of providing satellite Internet to anywhere in the world . This constellation is composed of thousands of small satellites produced and launched into orbit of low Earth, providing Internet connection for devices such as smartphones, computers .

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that the Internet is an important part of life, helping us to work, study, and communicate to anyone. And Starlink can completely change the way we connect to the Internet.

If properly invested and developed, this will be a great threat to the global telecommunications industry.

Picture 1 of Elon Musk's super project could cause the telecommunications industry to collapse
Starlink's mission is to bring Internet connectivity to every corner of the globe by launching tens of thousands of satellites into Earth's low orbit. (Photo: Starlink).

From fiction to reality

First of all, we need to know that we are entering a technological revolution, new industry. Many people may not be aware but that's what is happening. Artificial intelligence (AI), robots or cryptocurrencies are examples of that revolution.

Not only Starlink, Elon Musk also owns Neuralink, neural technology company and OpenAI with the mission of creating friendly, intelligent AI like humans. Clearly, Musk wants to change the world with his businesses.

In order for Starlink to enter the space, it is necessary to build infrastructure. The "backbone" of Starlink is the satellites - the wireless communication and communication system - that provides broadband Internet directly to users on Earth.

If only a few dozen years ago, that could only have been imagined in science fiction movies, now, that's what Elon Musk is doing.

One of the names said to be Starlink's partner is Vislink, a Florida-based satellite and video communication system development company based in Florida. That is exactly what Starlink needs. A few weeks ago, the Vislink logo was also found in a live video of SpaceX.

Many news also confirmed that SpaceX is operating satellite testing in Florida, the state where Vislink is based. Is this just a coincidence?

Picture 2 of Elon Musk's super project could cause the telecommunications industry to collapse
The image of Starlink's satellite network covers almost the entire Earth. (Photo: University College London).

How will Starlink change the world?

In November, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved SpaceX to launch 12,000 satellites into low-Earth orbit, but Musk expects that number to rise to 30,000 in the future. Starlink's plan has been mapped out, and we may be witnessing a new milestone in human history.

The advantage of Starlink is the ability to provide Internet connection to anywhere in the world. Imagine camping in the woods, enjoying dinner with 4K movies on Netflix without interruption, or just livestream and walk on an island. That's what Starlink wants to achieve.

Picture 3 of Elon Musk's super project could cause the telecommunications industry to collapse
The 60 Starlink satellites were launched into orbit in April with the Falcon 9. Rocket (Image: Elon Musk / Twitter).

Developing countries with unstable Internet, low speed and high rates also benefit from Starlink. In the future, telecom providers will have to be wary of this name.

Alex Knapp, a Forbes journalist, believes that Starlink will have to compete with traditional carriers like the US Comcast. In rural areas or emerging markets, some traditional carriers are trying to build 5G mobile networks.

In addition, many businesses are also investing in submarine cable systems to improve stability and Internet speed for customers.

The goal of Starlink is to bring Internet connection to anywhere with low cost and high speed. If people pay attention to Starlink and Starlink's system is increasingly improved, it will be a major competitor to the telecommunications service providers.

The article published on TechCrunch on June 15 states that Starlink is fully capable of participating in a $ 16 billion federal funding program if it demonstrates its advantages over conventional Internet carriers.

Not only does it threaten carriers, Starlink can also cause the telecommunications industry to collapse. Perhaps that is the inevitable of innovation.

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