Finger shape speaks up your personality

Through the shape, the distance of each finger can predict the person's personality. In addition, each person has a different "strong, weak" finger that shows which area you are good at.

A strong finger is your special finger, sometimes it shows your personality traits.

The following is the assigned feature corresponding to each finger

Thumb: Leading to success.

Index finger: Power, strength, vision and influence.

Middle finger: Responsibility, efficiency, safety, development and wisdom.

Ring finger: Creativity, self-expression, and longing to be noticed, stand out.

Pinkie: Style, good at communication.

Picture 1 of Finger shape speaks up your personality
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How to know which fingers are "strong" and which "weak" fingers?

Observe: Any finger that bends, bends, inclines toward another finger, or bends forward, or somewhere that is not normal is a weak finger. If the finger is straight, it is a strong finger.

What is the shape of the finger tip?

Round fingertips: You want harmony, avoid discord conflicts.

Square finger tip: You like everything clearly, not ambiguously.

Wide fingertips, flared out: You like the originality and despise stereotypes according to mechanical habits.

Pointed fingertips : You avoid the fact that you want to pursue unusual and mysterious things.

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What do you know about the distance between fingers?

Put your hands naturally on the surface, or keep them comfortable in the air:

5 fingers with a gap

If the distance between your fingers is wide, then you are an independent, open person for new discoveries.

5 fingers close together

If they fit together, you are careful, very careful, and self-contained.

If the middle finger and ring finger are far apart

You are not easily affected by public opinion. If they are close together, you tend to be socially affected and quite a rule.

Picture 3 of Finger shape speaks up your personality

The ring finger and pinkie have a wide distance

This person acts very independently, has a love of freedom, for everything that happens, there is often a careful defense.

If the distance is average (compared to your loved one's friends), that means you are an independent thinker.

The thumb and forefinger have a wide distance

This person is very independent and highly competitive, they have a very meaningful spirit, can maintain a close and lasting friendship.

The thumb and forefinger tighten

This person is very cautious, there is always precaution against others, depending on the psychology is very heavy.

The index finger and middle finger have a wide distance

This person thinks independently, dislikes being interfered with or bound by others.

4 fingers are quite wide (except thumb)

This person does not like to bind, independent thinking, love freedom.

4 fingers close together (except thumb)

This person just likes to follow his will, obstinate, arrogant arrogance.

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