His 76-year-old tool with special hair over 30 years has not yet been cut

For over 30 years, Tien's hair has not been cut once. Until now, the tool itself did not know how many meters his hair was, only knew it weighed about 2 kg and could be braided into a hat above his head.

Truong Trung Tien (76 years old, in Quang Son commune, Ba Don town, Quang Binh) practiced shamanism 32 years ago. In order to practice this tool, he has kept his hair long, and since then, he has never been to a barber shop. After many years, her hair was so long that it could be woven into a hat on her head.

We met Mr. Tien when he was being taken care of at Vietnam Friendship Hospital - Cuba Dong Hoi (Quang Binh). Specifically, relatives brought him to the hospital a few days ago because of lung cancer. Since he was here, the whole hospital has been buzzing because of his strange hair.

Picture 1 of His 76-year-old tool with special hair over 30 years has not yet been cut
Over the past 30 years, Mr. Tien has not once cut his hair.(Photo: TH).

At first, anyone who looked over thought he was wearing a hat, no one expected that it was long, twisted hair. Although health is still weak, Tien still tries to sit up and talk to us.

He said, after he was demobilized, he came home to get married and gave birth to 5 children. In 1985, he started practicing as a shaman. Since then, he hasn't once cut his hair.

Not only did not cut his hair, Tien's hair over the past 30 years did not need to use a comb, nor did he wash his hair. He said that every few days he uses about half a liter of alcohol to rub his hair instead of shampoo.

"I used to be a shaman, divination and healing. In this profession, I could not cut my hair. It was the idea of" superior "and could not be cut," Tien said.

Picture 2 of His 76-year-old tool with special hair over 30 years has not yet been cut
Tien's hair was able to form a big hat on his head.(Photo: TH).

After more than 10 years without cutting, Tien's hair is about 1 meter long and braided into a hat, wrapped on his head. Then gradually, it kept getting thicker and more entwined. Unable to let go of his hair, Tien now does not know how many meters his hair is, only knows it weighs about 2kg.

Although not washing her hair, not cutting her hair, but she never felt uncomfortable. The scalp of the instrument also does not appear dandruff or skin diseases.

According to Mr. Truong Thai Linh (the youngest son of Tien's father), not only Tien but also all his family members believed that his father's hair was given by the gods. Therefore, no one has ever advised him to cut his hair because he thinks it is a divine will.

At home, Mr. Tien also works separately with his family. Specifically in the private house with altars, eating, sleeping separately . Earlier this year, due to poor health, the instrument stopped working. Seeing how weak he was, Linh also confided and advised his father to cut his hair for relief but he definitely did not.

Picture 3 of His 76-year-old tool with special hair over 30 years has not yet been cut
Despite his poor health, he still refused to cut his hair.(Photo: TH).

"Practicing divination, my father stayed around the house all the time. Sometimes he just came out of the house, but he just went around the neighborhood. Many children in the neighborhood saw his hair curiously and watched, but the adults they are already used to it, so it doesn't bother them, " said Linh.

Mr. Mai Trung Kien, Chairman of Quang Son Commune People's Committee said: "You have been practicing divination in the locality for many years. In the past, you used to use incense on your hair, so it twisted and formed a hat. That hair has been going on for more than 30 years without cutting. "

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