Japanese explorer ship collects rock samples from Ryugu asteroid

The Japan Space Development Research Agency (JAXA) said the country's Hayabusa 2 explorer ship has begun the process of landing at Ryugu asteroid, 250 million kilometers from Earth, at 10 am on July 10. (local time) to perform the task of collecting rock samples inside this asteroid.

Picture 1 of Japanese explorer ship collects rock samples from Ryugu asteroid
Hayabusa-2 space ship landed on the surface of Ryugu asteroid.(Photo: Sp)

JAXA issued an order to land at Ryugu asteroid after confirming the stability of the ship. Hayaubuya 2 will land from a height of 20 km, at a speed of 40 cm / sec and drop to 10 cm / sec when approaching the surface of this asteroid. If the landing process is convenient, the Hayabusa 2 will land near the artificial crater on Ryugu's surface on the morning of July 11.

Earlier in February this year, Hayabusa 2 also landed the Ryugu asteroid for the first time and successfully collected rock samples on the surface of the planet. Then in April, the ship also succeeded in creating an artificial crater. On this landing, Hayabusa 2 will for the first time perform a mission to collect rock samples inside the asteroid that have been fired outside during the creation of an artificial pit.

Scientists believe that due to the unreliable effects of radiation from the universe, the rock inside the Ryugu asteroid still maintains its state as it was born from the solar system. Scientists also expect the collection of this stone sample will help to decipher the secret source of life and the birth of the solar system.

JAXA said this was a very difficult task when the agency first used high-tech techniques to guide Hayabusa 2 down to a narrow area of ​​only about 7m in diameter while avoiding large rocks. damaged ship.

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