Mysterious bicycle swallowing tree

Contrary to the theory that the bike was forgotten by a boy, some people suspected that someone had hung it on a tree.

Located in a forest on Vashon Island in Washington is a famous attraction: Bicycle tree. It was a rusty child bicycle, lying through a fir tree trunk living at a height of 2m, what was exposed was the wheel and handlebars. The car has become a tourist symbol of the island and appears in children's books. However, no one knows who abandoned the car here and how the trunk swallowed it.

Picture 1 of Mysterious bicycle swallowing tree
The car sits entirely within the fir tree trunk, revealing the wheel and steering wheel.(Photo: Vintage News).

Locally, a story has been told that a bicycle belonged to a young man who participated in the war in 1914. After his death, his parents put the bike under a young fir tree to commemorate him. After dozens of years, the car was gradually "devoured" by a tree .

However, there are many people who try to find the truth about this myth. Including Sam Dickson, correspondent Vintage News . He pointed out that this car was not manufactured in the early 20th century, but from the 1950s. According to the Seattle Times , the owner of the car is Don Puz, now living in the city of Kennewick. He lived on the island until 1992.

Puz recounted that, during his years in Vashon, he and his four siblings used to play in the swamp. Out of all the toys, what he doesn't like is the bicycle. Around the 1950s, Puz left it somewhere in the forest and never went back.

In 1995, when visiting the family of his sister living on the island, he was taken to the local tourist symbol. Immediately, Puz exclaimed: "That's my bike". "There is no doubt that the car belongs to the fir tree , " Puz said.

Some people still doubt the story, because if the bicycle is on the ground, it will not be able to be lifted up as it is today. Others think that, when the tree is young, a small branch has been caught on the bicycle and tied it there for decades.

Picture 2 of Mysterious bicycle swallowing tree
The car then was not intact when it lost parts.(Photo: Vintage News).

Professor Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh, of the University of Washington's Department of Biology, said the young plant swallowed the bike absurdly. Because the car is too heavy with young fir trees. It is more likely that when the tree is old, someone has hung it up.

Although the mystery of the bicycle tree is not really solved, it still becomes a tourist attraction. Therefore, the locality continually preserves and preserves by replacing the stolen components. However, this work is increasingly difficult because it is impossible to find parts corresponding to this old car.

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