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  • Tomb at Halicarnasse Tomb at Halicarnasse
    The tomb of Halicarnasse is one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world, but it is also the last mark to mark the disintegration of slavery in Ancient Greece. It was also the last attempt of a King, because the ancient Greek world did not like the big tomb.
  • Colisée Arena Colisée Arena
    Colisée Arena in Rome started in 72 AD, is a physical work but reflects very well the spiritual life of Ancient Romans. At that time, the Romans enjoyed watching beasts, wrestling between people and people
  • Kingdom of castles Kingdom of castles
    Strolling along the banks of the Loire River, the Kingdom of Castles gradually emerged as a population of 120 large and small castles. The splendid antiquity of castles plus the cloudy sky and charming water make visitors recall the history of the French royal family
  • Complex of French cultural heritage Complex of French cultural heritage
    Compared to history, Cathare existed for a long time, but left a deep impression on the French people, especially in the southern region. Over the past 7 centuries, Cathare has left traces with ancient buildings: Castle, Citadel
  • Monastery of Citeaux in Fontenay (France) Monastery of Citeaux in Fontenay (France)
    Located in the northern province of Bourgogne, Citeaux do Beruar monastery is clatravaux - one of the most powerful characters of his time, founded in 1119. Saint Bernard joined the Citeaux line that was just created by an innovator because he wanted to restore the austerity in your life
  • Taj Mahal - Pearl of the Indian temple Taj Mahal - Pearl of the Indian temple
    If Agra is a beautiful flower garden of Indian architecture art during the Mogol period, the Taj Mahal is not a castle or temple, but a tomb of the wife of Giahan Emperor - Empress Argiuman Bano Begum. At first, the tomb was named Tat Bibica Rauza, meaning burial place
  • City - Bagerhat Church (Bangladesh) City - Bagerhat Church (Bangladesh)
    The first city was Khailifatabad, founded by General Ulugh Khan Jahan in the fifteenth century, in the largest southern delta of the world, bordering on the Bay of Bengal. As a devotee, this general had built churches with bricks, palaces and her
  • Patecpuasikri - The court became an ancient death Patecpuasikri - The court became an ancient death
    It can be said in India, everywhere has miraculous relics, but Death into Patecpuasikri is not only miraculous but also a mystery. The city is located on the top of the mountain, so it is necessary to enter through the Bunvan gate of Dakvaza. In the city
  • Old town Avila - Spain Old town Avila - Spain
    Called by Castilla
  • Studenica Monastery - Yugoslavia Studenica Monastery - Yugoslavia
    This monastery, founded in 1183 by the Serbie Domain Duke Stefan Nemanja and later developed by his sons became a tomb of the Nemanja dynasty and is a key point in Serbie history over the centuries.
  • Nesebar Grass Town (Bulgarie) Nesebar Grass Town (Bulgarie)
    Thrace, Greece, Rome and Byzance have both left their mark in the town of Nesebar on a rocky hill linked to the Black coast with a narrow strip of land. Renamed Nesebar in 1934, this town was recorded in the 1983 World Heritage List as an outstanding cultural asset.
  • Holy See Chappelie (Sainte Chappele) Holy See Chappelie (Sainte Chappele)
    Looking from the courtyard of the Castle of Justice (Palais de justic) through an arched path will encounter a masterpiece of Gothique style, the Sainte Chappele (Holy temple, God). The whole work
  • Vendôme Square Vendôme Square
    This is one of the masterpiece works of Jules Hardouin - Mansart (who once designed Victory Square). The square is named after the duke Vendôme event that once lived here. It was built around 1687 and 1720 revolving around one
  • Sydney Opera House and the author's fate Sydney Opera House and the author's fate
    Symbol of Australia - Sydney Opera House. It is a picture of a new Opera style theater, led by a master musician, Eugène Gossens, who has painfully created it, composed it, and then met his life at the end of his spiritual child.

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