Seagulls lonely 10 years to find a partner

After 4 partners died, seagulls Rob constantly failed to find new friends despite great efforts.

Rob, 35, a member of the only royal seagulls to breed on land, is very unlucky in love, Guardian reported on October 31. The fact that it has not found a partner for a long time makes scientists feel quite humorous, according to Hoani Langsbury, an ecologist at the Otago Peninsula Trust.

Picture 1 of Seagulls lonely 10 years to find a partner
Rob (left) with his new partner after 10 years of being alone.(Photo: Guardian).

Local nature conservationists are almost betting on how much Rob is likely to find a partner every time he returns to Otago Peninsula, New Zealand. There are even people suggesting it on a dating application.

Rob's four former mates are dead. The other females are not attached to it and the experts do not know the cause. They do not even have many options because there are only about 200 adults in the herd.

"On the outside, we see Rob is not very different from the others. But maybe because we don't judge it from a bird's point of view. Maybe his song is not very good and none of the females like it. ", he said.

Rob's loneliness is not due to lack of effort. It was the first bird to return to its homeland during the mating season several years ago. However, seagulls' relationships take time to cultivate.

When young birds first leave, they spend most of their time out at sea and return when they are 5-6 years old."They start going out with all the other young gulls and look for the other half. If they're lucky, they can find them in the first year. Otherwise, the gulls will leave and return next year." to try again, " Langsbury explained.

Seagulls can learn each other 3-4 years before ready to lay eggs. Birds share the same egg incubation and protection.

Langsbury hopes Rob, once experienced with raising three offspring, will reproduce with his new partner. This child also has a lot of experience."Seagulls are a successful mother. She will know what to do , " Langsbury said.

Royal seagulls often breed on remote islands. The albatross group in Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand, is the only group in the world that breeds inland.

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