Shocking disclosure about the crime scene cleanup

As a crime scene cleaner, Donovan Tavera has seen the bodies of young women were brutally murdered, even rotting corpses after days.

With the main task of cleaning up the scene of bloody murders, Donovan's work is one of the world's most gruesome careers . To make matters worse, the 47-year-old is living in Mexico, which has the highest murder rate in the world. According to data recorded in 2019, every day 'tourist paradise' in Mexico occurred 95 murder cases, including many unresolved case files.

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 One of the planet's most haunting jobs.

Sharing with  Sun Online, Donovan said that the series of days of gore sighting at the scene for 20 years has haunted him to this day. From a very young age, he was curious about how people dealt with blood stains everywhere the murder occurred and devoted himself to researching methods to solve them thoroughly. Before getting to work, Donovan wears protective clothing, masks and gloves, then calculates the time needed to clean the scene according to the actual situation, some places may take more than 20 hours to be able to scrub completely.

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 Donovan Tavera has been with the profession for 20 years.

'It all depends on the location and how the blood is splashed - in the bathroom, on the wall or on a mattress, inside or outside the home. If not handled promptly, blood can cause disease. So we have to have our own method and do it step by step, ' he explained. To soothe highly stressed nerves, Donovan often wears headphones and enjoys some works of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden on duty.

During 20 years of sticking to a specific career, it can be said that Donovan has witnessed the most gruesome murder scenes. However, he was still haunted by a terrible murder, when a young girl was brutally murdered in the bedroom, ending a promising life in a sea of ​​blood. When he first started his career, he was tasked with cleaning up the body of an old man who died from choking while vomiting, but because he lived alone, it was not until many days later that the body was discovered. At that time, the odorless liquid smelling mixed with the smell of decomposing bodies had spread throughout the house.

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 Blood at the scene takes a long time to scrub.

Because of the nature of the work, sometimes Donovan also concurrently provides psychological counseling for relatives of the dead. Before starting to clean up, he needs to have documents to handle the crime scene from the authorities. There are many people who hired him to clean the crime scene, but could not give these papers, because they could be criminal gangs or involved in murder. Such cases are often cruel, can not be cleaned in a short time and simple measures.

Murder of gangs is also very strong warning. They will hang the victims' bodies on a highway bridge or behead them with a chainsaw, then throw the dead body onto the road. Despite the pandemic, the number of murders in March in Mexico still soared to 3,000, a significant increase from 2,766 in February. July 2018 was the time when Mexico was the most hard-pressed for murder when The number of recorded cases is up to 3,708, which means that the pressure of Donovan's work is higher than ever.

At the age of 12, when he was living with his parents and his sister in an apartment on the third floor of the apartment, Donovan saw the body for the first time. Following everyone, he saw a corpse collapsed in a pool of blood on the sidewalk. Instead of panicking, Donovan just wondered how the bleeding would disappear, who cleaned them up? He brought his questions to everyone, from parents, uncle to family doctor, but no one gave a transparent answer.

Not getting the answer he wanted, Donovan decided to do his own research through medical books, magazines and forensic literature. The vast amount of knowledge that followed him in the first steps on the road to becoming a field cleaner in 2000. Donovan's silent dedication over the years has been honored and widely known. through word of mouth, articles, interviews on the internet and even a documentary that is broadcast on Mexican television.

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 Donovan's silent dedication is finally known.

Donovan's 9-year-old wife and daughter not only understand the nature of the job, but also care and support him. Sharing about his 20 years of hard work, he said: 'It took me many years to learn the working process, so I am proud of my professional attitude. With this job, I can support my family as well as pay for my own needs. I always uphold honesty and responsibility at work. '

'Many people laugh when I talk about my work. But over time, they had a more objective view and stopped joking, and no longer asked me if the body at the scene stinked, ' he said. 'I still believe in humanity and will continue this work for many more years. When the cleaning is complete, people often come forward to thank me and shake my hand. '

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