Super dust storm 'devour' neighbor Earth?

ESA has discovered that super dust storms appear near Mars' Arctic and can completely swallow this planet again.

The European Space Agency's (ESA) Mars Express probe has discovered a series of spring dust storms that appeared in the northern hemisphere of Mars in recent times.

Picture 1 of Super dust storm 'devour' neighbor Earth?
The ESA series of images show that a series of dust storms are born and stir the red planet - (photo: ESA).

In photos sent to Earth, Mars Express recorded many cyclones mixed with water clouds - ice appeared near Mars' northern hemisphere in May and June. The estimated series covers a few thousand kilometers from the North Pole, towards the equator to two large volcanoes Olympus Mons and Elysium Mons.

Picture 2 of Super dust storm 'devour' neighbor Earth?
Dust storm swirling on Mars - (photo: ESA).

Called "spring dust storm" but it is a rather scary phenomenon of the red planet. In February this year, another reputable space agency, NASA, had to say farewell to its adventurous robot after 15 years of operation. It's a solar-powered robot, so when the equator storm comes out and stops sunlight completely for months, it can't work.

Picture 3 of Super dust storm 'devour' neighbor Earth?
Super dust storms (colored in turquoise) are swirling and spreading south.This is an image of May 2019.In June, it approached and burned clouds in the volcanic area - (photo: ESA).

The storms this time again formed from the extreme ice peak of Mars and in the image sequence, it is moving toward the south, preparing to swallow the two giant volcanoes mentioned above. ESA also noted the intense evaporation of volcanic clouds when dust storms approached because the dust flow heated the air.

ESA will continue to monitor the storm but according to this trend, scientists suspect it may again swallow the red planet again.Super Mars dust storm is also a major obstacle that astronauts face when landing the earth neighbor in the future.

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