The 13,000

In recent days, the area in Michigna, the United States has tens of thousands of birds of prey such as hawks, vultures, eagles that make people fear.

According to Fox news, the area downstream of the Detroit River, between Michigan and Ontario, the United States became a gathering place for thousands of gods.

Picture 1 of The 13,000
Thousands of "gods" at the same time appeared in the US.

Hawks, eagles and vultures begin their journey south to avoid winter as every year. However, this year the number increased dramatically with about 13,000 vultures, hawks, eagles. A lot of photographers and researchers focus on this amazing observation.

The concentration of these raptors is a condition for researchers at the Detroit International Wildlife Refuge and the International Union for Wildlife Protection to count the number of birds of prey each year.

Jerry Jourdan, a researcher at the vulture observer in Detroit, said: "Our goal is to track populations of large predator birds, trying to determine the cause of the increase or decrease in numbers."

Previously, in 1999, a large number of prey birds also appeared. At that time, 540,000 hawks and vultures were counted in one day.

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