The giant manual guides people to do what if the end of the world happens

The person behind these stones is still a mystery, the only person who knows his identity is determined to keep the secret until his death.

The man is mysterious and demands disembodied

Around the end of the 70s and early 80s, the Cold War came fiercely. People all over the world are anxious when the Earth's fruits are tense because conflicts can break unexpectedly, just waiting for an uncontrolled action from any party.

In June 1979, a man with a false name, Robert C. Christian, visited Granite Elberton Manufacturing Company, claiming to be "representing a loyal group of Americans" , asking for a building block. monstrous. Mr. Christian explained that a stone work of many special-purpose panels would serve as a compass, a calendar and a clock, capable of withstanding apocalyptic disasters. The slabs will include instructions to rebuild civilization, written in eight major languages ​​of the world.

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Joe Fendley, Elberton's current president, said that Christian was not very alert when he asked for a monster, shouting at a high price to entice a bad guest; According to Fendley in an interview, he made several times the price of any project Elberton had received at the time, explaining that complex stones would need a lot of tools and must have more mentors.

The strange man agreed, at any cost, would be reasonable to ask the world's best granite sculpture company to complete a longevity project with time.

Christian asked for the time to complete the project, Fendley did not really know but did not want to know: no one had seen the money, so no one wanted to do such a heavenly project. When discussing the payment, Christian asked to meet the bank manager Fendley trusted most, and was led to meet Wyatt Martin, head of the City Bank.

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Across the territory of Elberton city in Elbert County, Georgia, only two people are fortunate to meet Christian directly. The bank president recalls: ' Fendley called me and said,' Some crazy guy is talking to me about some crazy statue ' '.

' But when I met him, seeing him wearing a very beautiful and expensive suit, I respected him a bit more. He talked very well, obviously a educated person . '

In order to explain to the banker why he had to use a fake name, Christian talked about the project that had been hatched in secret for 20 years, and wanted participants to keep their identity confidential. Martin still did not show any confidence, saying the action of this anonymous group was equivalent to throwing money through the window. Christian looked sadly at Martin and sighed: ' You don't understand it. '

Martin led Christian down the street, referring to the sculpture projects that had been erected here. The strange guest was introduced to the largest granite architecture ever built in Elberton: the size of the sample items was nothing compared to Mr. Christian's distant dream.

Christian did not hesitate, promised to return on Monday, then boarded the plane so he could see where the stone blocks would be. ' At that time, I believed half of what he said, ' recalled bank director Martin.

On Monday morning, Christian kept his promise and returned to meet Martin. The banker explained: the two sides would not have an agreement if Mr. Christian did not give his true identity, and ensured the ability to pay for the giant architecture. Because of the nature of the banking industry, the two sides had to make an additional deal, Christian would give Martin and only Martin his true identity, signing a commitment to not reveal this highly confidential information and destroy it. all documents related to the project when everything is complete.

' He said he would send me money from various banks around the world, making sure no one could trace the money. Obviously he defended his identity very carefully , "Mr. Martin recalls

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Before leaving Elberton, Christian met Fendley again, offering a wooden copy of the architectural block to be erected, accompanied by a 10-page brochure, detailing every aspect of the granite blocks. By this time, Fendley was still selling suspiciously, until Martin called the deposit of $ 10,000. That was the time when Fendley put his mind into a big project.

' My father always liked a challenging job, ' Fendley's daughter Melissa Fendley Caruso told of her late father. ' You call this the most difficult project in the history of Elbert County .'

Building Georgia Guidestones - The stones of the Georgia area guide begin in June of that year. Thanks to the special nature of the project, the sculptor's workers have taken hundreds of photos to record the process.

They used drill hammers to drill more than 30 meters deep into the Pyramid Quarries area in Western Elberton, to find granite blocks that were of sufficient quality to make the Stone Plate. The 28-ton rock was pulled up from the ground, causing the entire team of workers to fear the crane would be unbearable. Everything went well.

The work required a specialized stone cutting device run by rocket engines, to be transported from another area by truck; The most skilled stone cutters in the US have been responsible for smoothing the surface of giant granite blocks.

Fendley and Martin help Christian find the location of the stone The most logical guide: that is the top of a 20,000 square meter small hill, transient in all four directions, buying for $ 5,000 from landowner Wayne Mullinex . In addition to receiving large amounts of money, all children of the Mullinex family will be herded in cattle around the area where the Guide Stone is placed.

There was land, there were skilled workers, the transaction was complete, now was the time for Christian to say goodbye. " You will never see me again, " Christian said, turning his back to the door. No good farewell, no handshake.

After that time, Christian only contacted the construction party through Martin, and he also made a request to transfer all land ownership as well as the Guide Stone to Elbert County, believing that the local government would project conservation. Christian is still as mysterious as ever, every instruction comes from a different location.

"Let this be the guiding words in the era of righteousness"

The astronomical elements of granite slabs are so complicated that Fendley must resort to the help of an astronomer from the University of Georgia.

The four outermost stones are all based on the position of the Sun in a year, the middle column must be placed to satisfy two factors: a hole through which the viewer will always see the North Star, one slit from which, tomorrow will always see the Sun rising when Ha Chi - Dong Chi and Xuan Phan - Thu Phan. The stone placed on the top has a small hole with a 22mm aperture so that the midday light always shines down, indicating the day of the year.

But the most remarkable point of the Stone Guide is the words engraved on it: 10 things written in 8 languages ​​are English, Spanish, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Hebrews of Jews, Hindi of Indians, Swahili of Africa.

The four sides of the rock laid on the top speak of the mission of these slabs to carry - a human guide developed in the era of reason, four faces written in Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Hy Ancient Greek, Sanskrit and Babylonian cuneiform. The United Nations has also joined, translating some of the characters written on the Guide Stone

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Looking at the current situation, it is not uncommon for humans to write these 10 things twice over the phrase 'Leave room for nature'.

By the early 1980s, the excavator had scraped to the rocky edge of the small hill, to make the plane lay large granite slabs. A crane system up to 30 meters tall was mobilized, no wonder this work had the following measurements:

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The above information comes from a sign placed only a few meters west of the Stone Guide. In addition to measuring the entire work, there are also languages ​​that have been used, the completion date, who is behind the project support.

Notably, the tablet also has a line: below 1.8 meters deep is a time capsule, which can only be opened on [blank]. The date is not specified, so no one knows if the construction workers put a time tube under the Stone Guide.

On March 22, 1980, about 400 people attended the inauguration of the Stone Plate of Georgia, everyone was excited to go to the festival. Attendees also had news crews from Atlanta and when the information spread, Elberton became a popular tourist destination, Fendley became the most famous landlord of the 18th century.

The words that make people feel hairless

The content of 10 inscriptions on the Stone Indicates immediately its nature: these are human guidelines that rebuild the world after a certain apocalyptic disaster, possibly war, may be celestial collisions, etc.

No one denies that the building is beautiful, but the words written on it make the reader uncomfortable. Right from the first lines, we have seen the cruelty: keep the number of humanity below 500,000,000, so where did the rest go?

By the time of 1980, the world population was approximately 4.45 billion people, meaning most grandparents, parents, and siblings were not among the predictions on the Guide Stone. What could happen? At that time, the greatest danger to human survival was nuclear war, when the two powerful forces of the world could not find a common voice.

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From the local people to any conspiracy theorists or things they think for themselves a self-proclaimed hypothesis. From remote places, three people claiming to be witches and dharma masters to the Stone Directions for the ceremony, some people fear that this will be a place to sacrifice some dreadful spirit. Rumor has it that someone cut the chicken in here.

In the UFO Report, a grandmother named Naunie Batchelder declared within 30 years, the nature of granite plates will be known. Besides, UFO Report also noticed that the stones were arranged in an X, which looked like a landing room for alien ships.

The first rumors came from Granite Elberton Union, when members thought Fendley was behind everything, with the help of his friend Martin. The accusations were that each and every Fendley and Martin had to do a lie test, it settled down when the local newspaper announced: both of them had passed the lie convincingly.

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Implementation team The Stone Guide Who knows the true behind this work, only it is the largest monument ever built in the locality.

The mystery will make people uncomfortable, and conspiracy theories around the Guide Stone have made it fall into the sights of extremists. There were people who brought paint spraying to destroy the Stone Plate, even a polyurethane bearing - a particularly hard-to-clean substance - to spray hard-to-hear messages on the surface.

Behind the veil of a secret, a friendship appeared

The tourists come to admire the unique work, and more people pay attention to the mysterious identity of Robert C. Christian. But when the investigation went into a dead end, no one was concerned about whether an unknown man existed.

But Christian kept in touch with Martin, correspondence so much that they became each other's correspondents. Occasionally, Christian will call Martin from a public phone station, make an appointment at a familiar restaurant about 64km from Elberton.

At this point, Martin no longer cared about Christian's true identity, the trust (and much respect) coming from the moment Christian quoted the great writer Henry James, when the genius admired Stonehenge:

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Martin recalled that Christian didn't tell anything about the group of people standing behind the Stone of Georgia Guide. The last letter Christian sent was that just before the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred, Martin thought of the worst case.

After hearing all the conspiracy theories in the sky revolving around the Stone Directions, the old banker just shook his head and repeated Christian's words many years ago: ' You can't understand it '. Those things made Martin want to tell the world what he knew, but it was clear that Martin did not: " I promised ".

Any promise is an exception, as if it was confirmed 'to destroy all Christian-related material' . Mr. Martin's warehouse is a large plastic box: an IBM computer he bought in 1983, containing all documents related to Guidestones of Georgia, including letters from Christian friends.

For years, he had intended to write a book about a rare experience in human life, but then he also said he would never do that. He insisted that he would take all his secrets with him to the golden stream, and believed that Christian would want him to do so: ' He said that his true identity and his original home will forever be a secret. If you want people to always be interested in this project, you can only tell them a little bit. '

And the secret of Christian, the man who represents a whole group of writers who guide the rebuilding of humanity, will soon be dumbfounded in the sun reaching out to embrace the permanent stone pillars.

Based on the information in the writings of author Randall Sullivan posted on Wired, data from the Guide Stone handbook was published by Elberton Granite, and the surviving letters are engraved on George Guidestones.

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