The giant planet is throwing meteors toward Earth

The research results show that the gas giant of the Solar System is not exactly the bodyguard of the earth and other small rocky planets as previously thought.

Professor - Dr. Kevin Grazier, a famous astrophysicist teaching at many American universities such as Santa Monica College, Pierce College ., has revealed amazing new research results on the nature of stars. Carpentry - the planet was once thought to be our giant bodyguard.

Earlier, the theory that Jupiter is a "shield" for the small planets near the Sun, including the Earth, is very popular in astronomy.

Picture 1 of The giant planet is throwing meteors toward Earth
Jupiter - (graphic image from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC).

That theory is based on the evidence that NASA's Juno has gathered when approaching Jupiter: the gravity of the planet is 318 times heavier than the Earth has drawn quite a lot of dangerous meteorites towards it, thanks to which The Earth and the planets located close to the Sun are Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc., which are safer from asteroid attacks.

But according to the latest analysis results of Professor Grazier, this bodyguard has a double life.Jupiter's gravitational pull and mass does not always draw dangerous objects towards you, but sometimes causes them to deflect and . shoot harder toward the sun , meaning that The planet that lies between it and the sun is also at risk of being " hit ".

So, some things that should have been harmlessly transposed straight into small rocky planets near the sun, including the Earth. The things it throws into the earth include small and large meteorites and even comets.

The research, led by Dr. Grazier, is also in collaboration with NASA Jet Engine Laboratory and Southern Queensland University (Australia). His colleague, astronomer Jonti Horner from the University of Southern Queensland, says it is undeniable that many objects that might be dangerous to us have been sucked away by the planet. They are still looking into more details to see if this gas giant helps us more or more destructive.

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