The world's largest wind turbine goes into operation in the UK

The United Kingdom has just launched the world's largest wind turbine located off the coast of Liverpool Bay.

Danish energy company Dong Energy has completed the installation of 32 wind turbines, each with a height of 195m with a capacity of 8MW.

This is the first project in the world, bringing 8MW turbines into use, marking an important step in the field of global wind power.

Picture 1 of The world's largest wind turbine goes into operation in the UK
A wind turbine of Dong Energy Energy Company (Denmark).

New wind turbines will open up a future for offshore wind power with better, better, and most important criteria. For lower electricity prices.

With supportive policies, open air operating regulations and a developed maritime industry have helped Britain set off offshore wind turbines most in the world.

Currently, the country's total wind power capacity is 5.3GW, enough to power 4.3 million homes in the UK. The country is building eight more wind power stations, bringing the total wind power capacity is about 2.7GW more in the future.

The UK government has urged investors, wind power producers to continue to find ways to cut costs, and the government will continue to fund these projects.

According to recent research, the cost of wind power has been reduced by about 30% since 2012. As a result, the UK government will launch a subsidy auction for renewable energy projects worth £ 290m this summer.

Picture 2 of The world's largest wind turbine goes into operation in the UK
Wind turbine on the sea.

Low turbine installations and high capacity turbines will reduce costs.

Most offshore wind turbines in the UK currently have capacities ranging from 3.0 MW to 3.6 MW, the higher is from 5 MW to 7 MW.

The UK currently has about 16 projects that have been approved but have not yet started construction. These would be projects with at least 8MW turbines.

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