This is a bird known as the 'female canopy' of the animal world

In Australia there exists a bird with seductive skills

In Australia, there exists a bird which has skill in seduction of "partners" extremely elaborately and artistically.

Bowerbird (also known as blue bird), nicknamed "the king of the room , " is one of the most attractive birds on the planet. Particularly in the field of "canopy girls", if the Bowerbird birds are ranked 2, no bird would dare to claim themselves No. 1.

Not only is the appearance not enough, the charm of Bowerbird bird also comes from the patience, artistic talent, delicate personality, and meticulous thoughtfulness. In fact, this bird often designs and creates a dreamy prospect to attract females to mate. Time for this job usually lasts from 9 to 11 months.

Picture 1 of This is a bird known as the 'female canopy' of the animal world Photo 1 of This is a bird known as the 'female canopy' of the animal world
One of the "works" created by the Bowerbird bird.

The most important part of the process is the construction of a beautiful nest. Scientists call this a testament to the perfect "nest of love," which will also appeal to the animals of other animals. Only thing, not every creature possesses artistic talent like Bowerbird.

According to scientific analysis, the brain of the Bowerbird is able to perform computational thoughts, combined with perspective thinking and color selection in painting. Therefore, from the perspective of professional artists, Bowerbird birds can create a beautiful nest, reaching both perspective and aesthetic accuracy.

More surprisingly, the "flirtatious girl" in the world of birds actually mastered some space tricks. They know how to apply the law of proximity when decorating objects in sequential order: large objects placed far away and small objects placed near. The near and far positions are calculated in accordance with the position of the female birds that are within the range of male flirting.

This tactic is often used by architects to make their designs more superficial. Of course, in the case of Bowerbird's purpose, the bigger the nest, the easier it will be to attract the female.

Picture 2 of This is a bird known as the 'female canopy' of the animal world Photo 2 of This is a bird known as the 'female canopy' of the animal world
Once they have seen the nest, the female often voluntarily flies into the nest.

On the other hand, Bowerbird is also very sophisticated in choosing the objects used to decorate their nests. Bowerbird has a favorite color of blue (blue) but they are not afraid to use other things with colors to decorate. Bows of feathers, berries, bark or flowers, whatever material is decorated, the Bowerbird bird always shows that they are worthy of the color mastering in the animal kingdom.

After working hard to create the perfect nest, the males are very patient in waiting for the females to mate. In fact, the male birds do not have to wait too long. It is hard for the females to resist the beauty of the nest once they have seen it. Normally, the female will quickly fly into the nest voluntarily to mate with her mate.

Through monitoring Bowerbird, scientists admit that the males of this species deserve to be the sexiest gentlemen on the planet. Their personality qualities, such as endurance, sophistication and thoughtfulness, are all qualities that have a special attraction.

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