Urgent alarm: More than 60% of turtles on the planet are about to become extinct

Turtle is one of the creatures with a long life. However, they are standing a serious disaster.

Many turtles in the world are seriously threatened and endangered. This is the result of a massive study published by the University of Georgia (USA), the US Geological Survey, the University of California, Davis and the Tennessee Oceanographic Institute.

Accordingly, turtles are the most endangered animal group on the planet , with nearly 61% of species threatened. This number is many times higher than mammals, birds, and amphibians.

Picture 1 of Urgent alarm: More than 60% of turtles on the planet are about to become extinct
Sea turtles are dying.

Research results show that there are numerous different causes of the decline in the number of turtles . Over the past 200 million years, we humans have exploited and caught excessive turtles in order to satisfy our eating and entertainment needs. Not to mention, the actions of discharging plastic waste and cosmetics . spread to the sea and oceans, making turtles become victims.

And in particular, climate change is an important cause , directly affecting over 356 turtle species across the planet.

Do you see, these causes have a major impact from people? In other words, we are the most profound causes of the destruction of turtles and many other organisms .

Professor Whit Gibbons, the author of the study cautioned: "The study results refer to the important role of turtles, especially sea turtles, affecting the global ecosystem. Most importantly, this is is a bell warning us about the future of the fate of turtles and the ecosystem on this planet "

Why is this a warning bell, seriously affecting the environment?

Picture 2 of Urgent alarm: More than 60% of turtles on the planet are about to become extinct
Turtles greatly affect the stability of the ecosystem where they live.

You should know, turtles are very important to the environment. They can be considered omnivores, herbivores or predators, thus occupying an important position for the food chain.

In addition, turtle and turtle eggs are an important food source for many other organisms. Not to mention, some turtles also "build houses" for many other animals to live. For example, Agassiz desert turtles and gopher turtles are two turtles that regularly dig large burrows for live animals. In particular, the land near the cave is a favorable environment to help plants grow green.

Jeffrey Lovich, co-author of the study, shared: "With diverse behavior, turtles greatly affect the structure and stability of the ecosystem where they live."

"Everyone should take the time to learn about turtles, their natural history and their importance to the environment. Think of one day, turtles don't exist on Earth, what will happen? out?" - Mickey Agha from University of California, Davis, shared.

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