The scariest haunting schools in the world

The obsession of history, the cry of moans, the cold air and like the breath next to you . are you brave enough to visit these haunted universities?

University of Heidelberg, Germany

During the Nazi period, many professors from the University of Heidelberg were sent to Nazi concentration camps and killed there. Later, many students studying in Heidelberg said that in the old classrooms of these teachers often appear horror things like a self-erasing board and often covered with mysteries.

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Many Jewish women were also taken to the university's medical center to be burned during the Nazi period, and to this day, students recounted that they could still hear women crying and screaming.

There are also rumors that the smell of burnt paper continues to exist in the air at the place where books were burned before the start of World War II.

Gettysburg College, USA

The university campus is located on the site of past battles as a fertile ground for ghost stories. Gettysburg College, the area of ​​the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War, is an example.

There have been many students recounting that they have seen the scene of armed guards crossing the campus and a completely blue-faced boy standing silently at the corner, or the basement is also said to be haunted by The doctor with 2 bloody hands.

St Andrew University, Scotland

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The gloomy gothic buildings and Scottish weather at St Andrew University are the perfect backdrop for a ghost story. St Andrew is said to be home to some haunting characters including ghost monks, ghost women and a ghost ship. In fact, the university is pretty much rumored and it is considered one of the most haunted places in Scotland.

University of North Colorado, USA

The University of North Colorado is also a rumored place with many haunting ghosts. Nearly every school building is the territory of some immortal souls. One of the many behind-the-scenes stories of these horrifying ghosts is the story of Stoney Ghosty, the soul of a student who died of drug use and the presence of cannabis smells all over the classroom.

Nagasaki University, Japan

The souls of those bombed by US bombs on August 9, 1945 are believed to reside on the grounds of Nagasaki University. The university shows how the bomb exploded a few hundred meters and was attacked. heavy work, killing up to 800 members of the school including staff and students. From there in the school there is always the presence of ghost characters, as well as the sound of people crying, screaming and the smell of smoke spreading in the air.

Hong Kong University

Many students from Hong Kong University recount that they often see a woman with long hair and no face walking on the road running along Hong Kong University and hunting young men who are traveling alone. . Legend has it that she is the soul of a young woman whose face is broken when she jumps down from a moving train.

Lonon University, United Kingdom

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University College London is obsessed with a young girl named Emma Louise, who will appear if you say her name 3 times. She is said to have been killed in a tunnel connecting the modern UCL building, currently used as a student residence, to the old Cruciform building. A group of students once tried calling her name 3 times and recalled that they heard a young girl smile and saw a glimpse of a young girl with long hair running at the end of the hallway.

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