11-year-old boy invented a device to detect abandoned children in the car

Television news: a 6-month-old girl died when she was forgotten in a car in the sun. The whole United States pity for a small student, little Bishop Curry seems to be more shocked: he still walks through the ill-fated girl's house every time he goes to school.

So the 11-year-old boy was determined to solve the problem, so that no similar news would appear. ' I thought this,' This will be the only chance for me to really help people, ''Bishop told NBC News news channel.

The boy sketched out a device that could sense the presence of people in the car. It will be attached to the seat, broadcast a warning message to the parent or the police when a child is forgotten in the car, while the device will blow cool to 'buy time'.

Bishop Curry calls his device Oasis .

The father of Bishop Curry, Bishop Curry Sr., is an employee working for Toyota. He was extremely proud that his son's generosity would save countless lives. Toyota is also very impressed with Bishop's idea, they invite their father and son to attend the Child Injury Prevention Conference. Bishop Curry's idea was strongly supported.

Many car production units contacted Curry's father and son, wishing to install this system on their vehicles. However, the Curry family hasn't made a decision yet: they need to test and perfect Oasis before they can commercialize it.

Picture 1 of 11-year-old boy invented a device to detect abandoned children in the car
Bishop Curry and Oasis device.

The problem of neglecting children in cars in the United States has appeared for a long time. According to data from Kids and Cars published in 2017, since 1994, 804 children have died in cars for reasons related to high temperatures. In 55% of compassion cases, parents acknowledge that they have not noticed the child in the car.

'No parents are perfect. I make mistakes every day as a father, but in this case, this is a mistake no one can fix , "said Curry.

Hopefully, with Oasis, there will be no more compassionate cases.

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