3 billion tons of meteorite fall to Earth

Evidence of a meteorite attack that is equivalent to 940 million bombs dropped by the US Hiroshima was explored in the UK, after 1.2 billion years of burial.

A 1km-wide, 3-billion-ton meteorite rushed to Earth at 64,370km / hr and broke, creating a hole in Minch (a sea in Scotland - UK), according to the new announcement. most of the research team from Anberdeen University and Oxford University (UK).

Picture 1 of 3 billion tons of meteorite fall to Earth
A sandstone bank at the northwestern coast of Scotland, where the sediment contains remnants of alien objects also lies between the sandstone layers - (photo: OXFORD UNIVERSITY).

From vague traces, scientists have discovered a collision crater up to 40km wide. A special feature is that instead of being eroded like most other craters at the dawn of the earth, this crater is preserved and buried by our planet.

The giant stone accidentally falls into an ancient rift valley, where its ruins, including the broken part of the Earth after collisions and many meteorites, are quickly covered and preserved by fresh sediments. . Currently, it is buried under water and young rock in the waters separating the Scottish plateau and the Hebrides .

Picture 2 of 3 billion tons of meteorite fall to Earth
Illustrate how the giant meteor has attacked Earth - (photo: INDEPENDENT).

It is estimated that this terrible meteor attack occurred 1.2 billion years ago, when Earth's life also encapsulated the entire ocean, the earth had no trees and "looked like Mars when there was water. " , according to the researchers' description.

Picture 3 of 3 billion tons of meteorite fall to Earth
Location of craters detection (red circle) - (photo: BBC).

Dr. Ken Amor (Oxford University, member of the research team) said the traces of the giant meteorite were discovered 11 years ago at UIlapool. Among the rocks in the area where the giant meteorite is located is a high level of the iridium element , characteristic of extraterrestrial materials, and parallel and microscopic cracks - also a characteristic trace of a Attack from meteors.

Picture 4 of 3 billion tons of meteorite fall to Earth
Evidence of alien attack - (photo: OXFORD UNIVERSITY).

Picture 5 of 3 billion tons of meteorite fall to Earth
The strange "tumors" that used to be Earth's material were blown up by the horrific collision - (photo: OXFORD UNIVERSITY).

The above anomalies caused them to re-evaluate some strange rock cliffs that had previously been thought to bear that shape due to volcanic activity.

The work has just been published in the scientific journal Journal of the Geological Society.

The aforementioned meteorite pit is the greatest meteorite crater in the UK and only inferior to some of the other famous pits. The world's largest meteorite pit has a diameter of 400km, 300 million years of life in Australia; then the 150-mile-wide Chicxulub pit beneath the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), 66 million years old and is the disaster that killed the dinosaurs.

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