7 mysterious death holes on Earth

Many mysterious lands in the world are thought to be the gateway to the afterlife, from a permanent fire pit in Turkmenistan to the sinking holes in Mexico.

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Darvaza (Derweze, Turkmenistan) gas pit: Known as 'Hell's Gate' by locals, Darvaza gas pit is naturally formed when the earth falls.Geologists burned fire to prevent methane from escaping and this place was constantly burning since 1971. The pit has an area of ​​5,350 m2, a mouth of 69 m wide and 30 m deep.This place attracts visitors thanks to the spectacular spectacle as in the movie.(Photo: Reddit).

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Ploutonion Gate in Hierapolis (Pamukkale, Turkey): This is one of the places of worship of Pluto - god of the dead.Pamukkale famous hot spring gas originates from a cave below this area.The rising steam was poisonous, so the people believed that it was caused by Pluto.This place is also considered sacred land, the gateway to hell.(Photo: CNN).

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Masaya volcano (Masaya, Nicaragua, Central America): Indigenous people believe that there is a goddess living in this crater.However, many people believe that the continuous operation of volcanoes is due to the demons living below and this is the gateway to hell.Today, Masaya is an impressive sights with sulfur smoke and bubbling hot lava.(Photo: Explorerwandatours).

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7 hot springs in Beppu (Japan): Beppu hot spring town is also famous for its scary 7 'hell'. It is the water springs with many colors, boiling so hot that it can boil eggs. In it, the most special is Chinoike Jigoku, 'Blood Hell' , with unique red color.(Photo: Living + Nomads).

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Hekla Mountain (Iceland): This active volcano was considered a hell gate from the 12th century, after the eruption in 1104. The eruptions later confirmed this particular reputation.In 1341, some claimed to see birds flying between lava and claim that they were exiled souls.Today, Hekla is also said to be where witches meet demons.(Photo: Iceland Mag).

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Mayan craters (Mexico): Natural sinkholes located in Mexico and Central America, considered by Maya as the home of the rain god Chaak and gates leading to Xibalba - the afterlife.Scientists have found temples and remains in the sinking hole of the Yucatan Peninsula.Other famous hell gates in the Mayan conception are Cobán, Guatemala, or Actun Tunichil Muknal in Belize.Today, most of these sinkholes become a swimming, sightseeing attraction, instead of a somewhat frightening destination.(Photo: Ambergris Caye).

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Hellam Township (Pennsylvania, USA): This town is considered a place to place 7 doors leading to hell.Many people conceive that anyone who passes through them will fall to the afterlife.The area where they were placed was a forest, in which there was a crazy hospital located on Trout Run Road.In fact, this madhouse did not exist, but still did not prevent curious people from searching.(Photo: Warm Soda Magazine).

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