Unexpectedly discovered 5 mysterious black holes in the universe

British astronomers suddenly discovered 5 giant black holes. This is worrisome because these "black" energy regions appear more and more and "swallow" everything.

5 mysterious black holes in space

A black hole ( black hole or black hole) is an area in space - the time that gravitational fields prevent everything, including light, cannot escape. Recently, British astronomers discovered 5 mysterious black holes in space.

This means that the vast expanse of space may contain millions of mysterious " monsters " ready to " swallow" everything that comes close to it. Therefore, the scientists who once feared the black hole in the future will become one of the reasons for the collapse of the entire universe when these "black" energy regions appear more and more.

International scientists led by astronomers at Durham University said that these five black holes were covered by clouds of gas and dust. And also millions of other black holes are similarly covered.

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The black hole may be ready to "swallow" everything close to it

Only when the team used Nasa's telescopes to emit high-energy X-rays into space did these black holes really " show up" . This telescope revolves around the Earth on a satellite and can capture many higher energy rays, which can be seen black holes away from many light years that could not be detected.

The Royal Astronomical Society said, these five black holes are brighter, more powerful than their original thought. They suck in all the surrounding material in a flash and emit a large amount of radiation.

" A long time ago, we knew about the supermassive black holes that were not covered by dust and gas, we also suspected that many holes might have been obscured. Thanks to professional tools. but for the first time we can clearly see the "monsters" that were once thought to be available, " the study's lead author, who graduated from the Durham University Astronomy Center, Mr. George Lansbury, explained.

" Although we only detected 5 black holes, based on this, it can be speculated in the universe this number could be much larger . " This discovery is published in the Astrophysical magazine and will be presented at the National Astronomical Congress of the Royal Astronomical Society in Wales.

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