7 myths about famous landmarks

The British clock tower named BigBen, China's great wall of vision can be seen from the universe . The "serious" myths of most visitors.

Big Ben (England) is the name of the clock tower

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As one of the symbols of England, this is the most famous clock tower in the world. If there is a scene in London, you will definitely see it appear in it. But in reality, "Big Ben" is not the name of the clock tower. It is a mistake that is repeated by the visitors. "Big Ben" is the name of the bell in the clock tower, and the tower itself is named "Tower of Elizabeth".

The Great Wall (China) can be seen from space

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The Great Wall is one of the largest construction projects in history. It can be seen from the space that it can be trusted because it is the longest wall in the world. However it cannot be observed from space. This was confirmed in 2003 by Yang Loi Wei, China's first astronaut. The Chinese government has tried to eliminate this misunderstanding from the textbooks for students.

The architects of St. Basin Church (Russia) were blind

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Located in Red Square, St. Basin Church has high towers with vivid colored spiral like in animated films. This church was built between 1555 and 1561 on the orders of Tsar Ivan Hung. The architects did their job very well, to the point where there were rumors about the Tsar's blindness all so they could not design any better. However, the records show that after Emperor Ivan died four years ago, they were invited to fix the light and open the church. This is definitely not possible if the rumors about their blindness are true.

Buckingham Palace (England) is the official residence of the Queen

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People often assume that the Queen's residence is Buckingham Palace. In fact, however, the official residence for the queen was at St. Palace. James, this is also the place for British kings for over 400 years. It was built by King Henry VIII between 1531 and 1536 and British royal members lived here until 1837. It was not until Queen Victoria took the throne that she chose Buckingham to be her home. . Later, the enthroned kings also chose Buckingham as accommodation although this was not an official place for royalty.

Coins falling from the Empire State Building (USA) will kill people below

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To date, many people still believe that releasing a coin to hit people who walk under the road will kill them. The reason they gave was that when the coin reached the person walking down the road, it would have enough speed to kill a person. Luckily, this is only a rumor. With its wide and flat shape, coin coins will meet enormous air resistance. Unless you are able to take the air out of New York City and drop the coin in a vacuum, if not for the maximum speed it achieves, the coin can only hurt but not kill. die anyone.

Galilei released 2 spheres from Pisa's leaning tower (Italy).

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Galileo Galilei is a famous physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher with a series of medieval science experiments. One of his most famous experiments was when he dropped two spheres from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to prove that two different masses would fall at the same speed. However, today there are many doubts that this has not happened. Historians believe that the whole story was written to promote Galilei's role, or that he himself conducted "vegetarian experiment" , a hypothetical test method that does not use experiments in reality.

Hoover Dam (USA) is filled with dead bodies

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Hoover Dam is the world's largest dam. Built between 1931 and 1936, site accidents claimed 96 lives. Many believe that many of them were buried inside the concrete blocks of the dam and there to this day. Despite the fact that there are 96 deaths in this project, the reality is that no one is in the dam as rumored. Hoover Dam was built from thousands of concrete blocks assembled together. They are put into blocks one by one and there is no possibility of someone getting trapped in these concrete blocks.

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