7 species of plants have special abilities like humans

Have you ever noticed plants that are capable of being like humans? In the world of plants there exist a number of plants with special abilities and properties like humans: trees that are shy, bleeding or defending against enemies .

According to biological structure, plants have no brain or nervous system, so we often think that plants are inanimate.

However, the world of mysterious plants exists trees that have special abilities like human actions.

1. Virgin tree (shame tree)

Surely one of us ever heard the name of this little tree of 'shame'. Named Mimosa pudica , this plant has the ability to ' shrink' people when it comes from outside influences. The virgin tree does this because of its special leaf structure.

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The bottom of the stalk of the shame leaves has a leafy puff of water. When an impact is like a heavy rain or being touched, the water immediately rushes upwards, causing the lower part to collapse like a deflated balloon.

This causes the petiole to collapse, closing. Once a leaf is closed, it will also send signals to the other leaves in turn, creating an effect like a " shy " tree that bunches up. Only a few seconds later, the leaf blossoms filled with water and the plants returned to their original form.

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Not only can the leaves shrink to avoid damage due to external factors, the virgin tree also has a "good memory ". Scientists have researched and found that, when the water drips repeatedly on shameful leaves, it will stop its leaves.

That's because Mimosa pudica realized that these droplets were harmless. More specifically, virgin trees have the ability to remember this reaction many weeks later.

2. Plants know bleeding

Pterocarpus angolensis is an exotic tree species - bleeding. A plant that grows in South Africa, this plant is also known by other names such as Kiaat, Mukwa or the bleeding tree.

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Unlike other plants, Pterocarpus angolensis has a special colored plastic. When cutting a stem or a tree, it is easy to see a red plastic that is quite visceral , after it turns into crimson, very similar to the color of blood. This resin acts as an adhesive and heals the wounds of plants.

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Pterocarpus angolensis seeds also have a special shape

Pterocarpus angolensis has many benefits both economically and medically. The plastic of plants is used by indigenous people as dyes. They also use it to mix animal fat into a skin care product.

The wood of the tree is used to create many valuable items such as used to build boats or flooring. Plants also have many effects in treating diseases of the eyes, stomach or blood.

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This tree is "bleeding" due to human effects

However, due to the benefits that Pterocarpus angolensis was exploited indiscriminately, the number of these species has recently decreased significantly.

3. The Manchineel tree knows to protect itself

As a growing tree in Florida and South America - Manchineel is famous for his self-defense and 'unassuming' assassins.

Considered, any part of Manchineel contains poison. The fruit of this tree is shaped like an apple. It is called the " apple of death " because only a bite can transfer you right into the emergency room. Yet it is still the most ' healthy ' part of Manchineel.

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Manchineel has an extremely toxic and caustic white plastic. Only one drop can cause skin blisters, dermatitis, swelling or burns.

Many tourists suffered severe burns when choosing Manchineel as rain shelter due to plastic from the branches of the air with rain falling. It is said that, if tied to this tree, only one night, you may die.

Another special feature of Manchineel is that this plant protects itself from being destroyed. The bark has a poison that, when impacted, will emit toxic smoke, causing the enemy to quickly poison, easily leading to blindness.

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The Manchineel Tree became the obsession of Europeans during the discovery of the American "New World" and was dubbed as a formidable "monster".

4. Tree species give warning signals

Facing the attacks of other animals, many plants refused to "sit still" but emitted various signals to protect themselves or warn other trees.

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(Scientific name: Artemisia tridentate) has a rather special ability to be able to send warning signals to 'accomplices' when attacked. Sage leaves are often attacked by destructive insects on leaves and stems.

At that time, this plant will generate signals by spreading a chemical compound into the air. Receiving this signal, the other wormwood plants lying around will produce a separate chemical to repel insects.

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In the meantime, to deal with the enemy's enemies are caterpillars, the tree sends chemical signals to call the wasps. The bees are invited by the smell of flowers that will kill them, including the eggs of the caterpillars and the protection of the plants that are safely grown. Biological researchers believe that this is a perfect symbiotic relationship.

5. Elephant ear tree

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Elephant ears ( Caladium steudneriifolium ) is a good dish for moths. To prevent being devastated by these gluttonous people, the elephant ear tree will pretend to be infected with a lot of white spots all over the leaf surface very similar to the vestiges left after being eaten by worms.

Because only want to eat healthy, healthy plants, the caterpillars will look for another leaf.

6. Corn plant

The results of a study by the University of North Australia team showed that in corn plants where the roots and roots were flooded repeatedly, sounds like cracks of frequency up to 220 Hertz were not unaware.

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Over the past two decades, scientists have demonstrated that all plants are able to communicate with each other by reacting to specific chemical signals and emitting specific signals themselves. Thanks to these signals, they have accelerated the flowering process, fruit production, ripe fruit, root growth, and trunk.

7. Mustard tree

Mustard plants with the same family as vegetables often produce a special chemical to entice parasitic wasps to close down the caterpillars that intend to eat the leaves. This protection mechanism reacts immediately after the appearance of a caterpillar egg to prevent the risk of corrosion. In return, parasitic wasps will be fattened with eggs and caterpillars.

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However, it seems that time has not evolved long enough to be able to develop more specific chemicals with many other leafworm species and to feed the beetles, which only know to call mercenaries to cope. with certain types of caterpillars.

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