America develops cruise missiles in formation

The new American line will have the ability to coordinate formations and be integrated into many fighter models.

The defense group recently received a US $ 110 million contract from the US Air Force Research Service (AFRL) to develop a low-cost cruise missile line that can be combined in large numbers, UPI December 27 reported.

Picture 1 of America develops cruise missiles in formation
Sketch the Gray Wolf rocket design model.(Photo: Lockheed Martin).

The new missile "Gray Wolf" ( AFP ) of the AFRL is expected to integrate the name of the F-16 fighter first, then be equipped with other types of US airstrikes and airstrikes.

The program includes 4 stages of development lasting for 5 years. The first phase is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

"The new missile developed by Lockheed Martin is a low-cost missile model that can operate effectively in harsh environments," said Hady Mourad, director of the improved missile program of Lockheed Martin.

According to Mr. Hady, the Gray Wolf missile will be designed in a way that maximizes the ability to replace parts, allowing customers to integrate advanced technologies such as installing high-volume warheads or fuel-efficient engines. more fruit.

This is not the first time that the US military plans to develop weapons using attack tactics in large numbers. The Washington Post in March 2016 reported that the US Department of Defense is researching to develop a special weapon, including ultra-small UAVs, with a diameter of less than 3 cm, operating in a lineup of hundreds, Even thousands of units connected together form a tight square to attack the enemy

Experts say the new weapon will be used by the US Department of Defense for many purposes such as diversion, harassing anti-aircraft radar systems, reconnaissance, even tactical attacks aimed at surface targets. opponent's land.