6 best DNS changing software for Windows

To make changing DNS easy, you can use DNS changing software. To help you find the right choice, here are the best DNS changing software for Windows.

The software changes DNS for Windows

  • 1. DNS Jumper
  • 2. QuicksetDNS
  • 3. Smart DNS Changer
  • 4. Public DNS Server Tool
  • 5. DNS Switch
  • 6. NetSetMan

1. DNS Jumper

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DNS Jumper is one of my favorite options when it comes to changing DNS settings in Windows. What makes DNS Jumper great is that it is free, the user interface is quite simple, and requires no installation.

Furthermore, it has all the common DNS services pre-configured. All you have to do is select the desired DNS service from the drop-down menu and apply the settings. Of course, if there is a custom DNS server address not available in DNS Jumper, you can add it manually, then create a preset for easy access.

2. QuicksetDNS

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If you are looking for a lightweight, free and basic portable software, QuickSetDNS is the right choice for you. QuickSetDNS was created by the developers of Nirsoft, which creates all sorts of small software utilities for Windows. QuickSetDNS is one of them.

Although the user interface and features are quite minimalist, but QuickSetDNS is still very powerful.

QuickSetDNS supports 3 major DNS service providers: Google, Cloudflare and Quad9. You can choose any one of these providers and apply DNS settings. If needed, you can add your own DNS entries from File> New DNS Server .

3. Smart DNS Changer

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Smart DNS Changer is not just a simple DNS change software for Windows. It supports most major DNS providers and even provides brief information about each DNS provider, to help you choose an appropriate one.

Although the user interface is not great, the features provided by Smart DNS Changer are quite good. So give it a try and see how it works for you.

Remember that unlike the first two tools, you need to install this software to use it.

4. Public DNS Server Tool

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Although it sounds very basic, the tool is quite nice and easy to use. The software supports over 15 different DNS services, including Google Public DNS, Cloudflare DNS, and OpenDNS.

To change the DNS settings, all you have to do is, select the network adapter, the DNS address and click the Change button . It's done!

Of course, like any other DNS changer, you can add your own DNS address. When needed, you can even export and import DNS settings and entries with just a few clicks.

5. DNS Switch

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If you want a full-featured DNS change tool, then the DNS Switch is what you are looking for. Like the other tools on this list, the DNS Switch comes with predefined DNS server settings, and you can add custom DNS entries as required.

Unlike other software on this list, when you change the DNS, it will be applied to all network adapters. This eliminates the need to manually select the network adapter. In addition, the software also has an integrated DNS benchmarking tool. Using that tool, you can find the best and fastest DNS for your situation.

The free DNS Switch has some feature set restrictions. But if you just want to change DNS quickly, this software will work without any problems.

6. NetSetMan

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Unlike other software on this list, NetSetMan is not just a simple DNS changing software. It boasts an impressive set of features, from IP address management, WiFi management, workgroups, network drives, LAN settings, administrative tasks, network domains, proxy settings, etc.

Put simply, this tool is intended for advanced users who want to control Windows network settings. So if you're looking for a networking tool that does more than change your DNS address, then NetSetMan is the choice for you.

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