Answering these 2 questions can be a genius or schizophrenic

If you are a normal person, it is difficult to identify anything unusual in this mask. But if you are outside these normal things, chances are you are a genius, or worse, a schizophren.

To get accurate results, answer questions that match your immediate feelings. Try to focus on what you see, not what you think it is. Now, let's answer the questions!

Picture 1 of Answering these 2 questions can be a genius or schizophrenic


  • 1. Is the mask convex or double-sided?
  • 2. Does the mask rotate in one or two dimensions?


  • 1. The mask only protrudes on one side
  • 2. The mask turns in one direction

Who are you? Genius or a madman?

If you answered wrong both questions . Don't worry, because you're a perfectly healthy person. You see that everything is very simple, if you get the right answer to worry, maybe you have to see a doctor for mental counseling.

The truth is that the brain of a healthy person tends to be self-deceiving . It takes into account our perception of images or concepts that exaggerate the truth and force us to believe it. We will accept it by default whether we like it or not.

People with schizophrenia don't have this imagination. Because their brains cannot establish the end between details. They saw the mask very simply and they would see the concave mask and rotate in one direction.

What is the difference of genius?Schizophrenia and genius often tend to think the same beginning. But genius will often distinguish them. They see hallucinations like a normal person, but they will stop and not be fooled by the brain, they can stop feeling the deception.

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