The elderly couple live very happily. One day both decided to tell the truth about faithfulness.

The wife asked her husband:

- Have you betrayed me yet?

- 3 times, the first time with the neighbor, the 2nd time with the mailman and the last time with the model.

The husband asked his wife again:

- What about you?

- 2 times.

- With whom?

- First time with the provincial football team, the second time with the chamber symphony orchestra



There was a sleepless man visiting a doctor, after seeing a doctor for a bottle of water.

Doctor advised:

- Every day before going to bed, drink three teaspoons, after a week if you don't feel better, come back and come back.

After a week the man returned to see the doctor with two dark eyes, haggard. The doctor asked:

- What do you see? Is insomnia better?

- Doctor, I drank like the doctor told me, but I did not feel the pressure because the three teaspoons were too small, then I drank to three coffee ladders, I did not feel any relief. Finally, I drank a glass of coffee but couldn't sleep, Doctor.

- So is the bottle out?

- Well, the doctor told me to drink three teaspoons every night, but I didn't ask for medication, so the bottle was still intact.

- !!!!!!