Black box MH370 is out of battery since 2012

In an investigation report recently released on March 8, investigators said the battery of the underwater positioning beacon of the black plane of flight MH370 has expired from December 2012.

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Latest information about black box flight flight MH370

CNN reported, the report citing maintenance records said that the battery of the airplane data recorder, also known as the black box, has been gone since more than a year before the accident date, there is no sign of replacement and is given is not able to meet the request for signaling at least 30 days . However, the cockpit recording battery has been replaced on time and ensures good operation.

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In addition, after discussing with the maintenance staff, the investigating party concluded that the replacement schedule with the aircraft's computer was not updated correctly when recording data. At the same time its underwater positioning transmitter (ULB) was replaced in February 2008.

These errors were never discovered before MH370 went missing. Malaysia Airlines now has to conduct a full inspection of its aircraft to ensure no other negligence has occurred.

Another noteworthy point in the report is that investigators have not noticed any unusual behavior or behavior of pilots and crew: " The captain, the pilot and the crew have no signs. Which shows social isolation, altered habits or drug or alcohol abuse . "

The results show that the captain of MH370 Zaharie Ahmad Shah did not have any personal or financial problems and added: " The captain's ability to handle the stresses of work and family is very good . "

It is known that in order to get this result, investigators looked at the crew members' background circumstances, checked the videos recorded by the airport camera and did not notice any instability.

In addition to the above information, the preliminary report did not explain the cause of the plane deviating from the radar as the wishes of relatives of 239 people present on MH370.

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