Causes of earthworms appear after rain

Escaping an enemy or emigration are the reasons given by the scientific community to explain the phenomenon of earthworms on the ground after it rains.

Previously, scientists gave the only reason why earthworms crawled up after heavy rains were to avoid drowning in wetlands.

"This is not true because earthworms breathe by skin and they need moisture in the ground , " said Dr. Chris Lowe of Central Lancashire University in Preston, England. " Earthworms don't drown like humans, and they can live for a few days in flooded water."

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AccuWeather quoted Dr. Lowe as saying that the real cause of earthworms when crawling is to migrate more conveniently. "When it rains they can move on the ground farther than normal. They can't do that when it's dry because they need moisture," Dr Lowe said.

Another explanation is that the fluctuations of the rain falling on the ground sound like the fluctuations of beasts, like the mole. So earthworms often crawl to the ground to escape mole rats.

"Rain can create fluctuations in the ground surface like oscillations that moles produce," said University of Vermont professor Josef Gorres. "Similar to how earthworms move out of a nest when a knife is found. animals of other beasts, they do the same when they feel the fluctuations of the rain. "

Knowing this behavior of earthworms, humans often create many fluctuations when catching this animal. To lure worms out of the nest, fishermen using hands or iron trees create the necessary oscillation.

New research shows that earthworms can meet in groups to communicate by touching each other. But why earthworms must meet in groups is still being explored by scientists.

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