China invented 'stealthy' materials with thermal cameras

The invention is a flexible, foldable and durable film, and it is important that it can be used as an "invisibility cloak" in front of thermal cameras.

On April 8, Suzhou Suzhou Institute of Biotechnology and Technology (SINANO) announced that Chinese scientists have successfully invented a material capable of "hiding" the existence of a hot object before machines. Infrared thermal sensor camera. This invention has implications for military and technological applications as well as research.

Picture 1 of China invented 'stealthy' materials with thermal cameras
Images are recorded through thermal cameras.

According to lead researcher Zhang Xuetong of SINANO, the researchers created a super-light porous film with good thermal insulation performance, then coated with a layer of polyethylene glycol (PEG - which is able to heat when melting and releasing heat when solidified) and a waterproof layer with a protective effect.

Experimental under the simulated sun, the flexible layer covered the object that absorbed the heat from the Sun, while the temperature only increased slowly, like the surrounding environment, making the object "invisible" first. Thermal cameras. When the light is turned off to simulate the dark night, the membrane gradually dissipates to match the surrounding environment.

The team evaluated the new material has a wide range of applications. Not only is it used as an "invisibility cloak" , this material can also be used as an insulating material to protect electronic components and devices. Information on the invention was published in the American Chemical Society.

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