Thermal shock: Danger of life when riding in a sunny car

On hot and sunny days, many people choose cars as their main means of transportation for those times when they need to go out. Because the air-conditioned car helps to prevent heat and bring back a pleasant feeling. However, no one knows that reconciling is the cause of thermal shock that is harmful to human health, especially children.

Heat shock and unforeseen hazards

According to health experts, when suffering from thermal shock without proper care, the risk of death is high. Signs of a person with thermal shock are high body temperature, no sweat, difficulty breathing, hot, red and dry skin, strange behavior, hallucinations .

When do people get thermal shock? It is when people are in a conditioned environment that comes out of a sudden hot environment, or vice versa, as in the case of being too hot outside and entering a car with a low temperature. Heat shock is common when the outside temperature is about 39 degrees C.

How to prevent car thermal shock when using air conditioning?

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Do not increase or decrease the air conditioner when you get down or onto a vehicle.

Cars are the main means of transportation, going by car and avoiding sunshine is safe and it cannot be due to heat shock but cannot ride a car. To protect against hot sun, cars should be equipped with curtains, screens and insulation films. To combat heat shock, the following issues should be taken into account:

Before entering the car

If the car is parked in the sun for too long, the first thing to do before boarding is to open the window to reduce the hot air inside. If the body of a passenger has sweat, dry it or allow a sweaty person to step into the car and turn on the air conditioner, otherwise a cold will occur. Initially, when turning on the air conditioner, just turn it on slowly so that the body will adapt gradually, not abruptly reducing the temperature.

Before stopping the car

If you intend to stop the car, you should turn off the air conditioner and use the front blower for a few minutes to allow the body to adapt to the outside temperature. In addition, lower the window glass slightly to allow outside air to circulate inside, avoiding high temperature shock outside.

The weather in the whole country is entering the hot and sunny days, each person when traveling by car should equip the necessary knowledge to protect his health from the cold of the weather and the heat.

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