Green tea cleans teeth better than mouthwash?

In order to find new and effective ways to cure diseases, scientists are implicitly conducting a series of clinical trials with common, easy-to-find ingredients around the world. Among them is the study of the ability of tea to keep clean when used as mouthwash or the use of chamomile oil to reduce gout.

Green tea cleans teeth better than mouthwash

Use tea to make mouthwash

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Researchers are trying to use tea water to rinse their mouths as a way to reduce the buildup of plaque on their teeth . The trial in India will compare green tea and black tea with commercially available antiseptic mouthwashes.

Accordingly, volunteers who have gum disease will be given one of two teas or chlorhexidine-containing mouthwash to rinse their mouths for 30 seconds, twice a day after brushing their teeth. The level of plaque on their teeth will be measured during the 2-week trial at Sri Hasanamba Dental University Hospital in India.

Experts say plaque forms on teeth when we eat and drink. Some types of bacteria are harmful, leading to plaque buildup and can cause gum disease.Tea tannins are believed to possess antibacterial properties.

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Use chamomile oil to reduce gout

Can chamomile reduce gout? That is the goal that needs to be answered by an ongoing study in Japan.Gout is the result of an accumulation of a waste product called uric acid , which forms crystals in joints, causing inflammation and pain.

In an 8-week trial at Hiroshima University (Japan), patients will be given additional chamomile essential oil with a daily capsule of a capsule, 200mg, 300mg or 400mg. The team will monitor changes in the amount of uric acid in their bodies.

The test was conducted after animal research found that chamomile oil significantly reduced uric acid levels. The researchers found that this effect, caused by chamomile essential oil, can neutralize xanthine oxidase, a liver enzyme involved in the production of uric acid.

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Use hot shadow to treat heartburn

A hot ball , which burns injured tissues is being used to treat a complication related to chronic heartburn - a disease that destroys cells that surround the esophagus, leading to Barrett esophageal syndrome.

In England alone, up to 1 in 50 adults have Barrett's esophagus and face an increased risk of esophageal cancer. In a trial at Hospices Civils de Lyon (France), patients with Barrett's esophagus will undergo hot balloon therapy (essentially radio frequency tissue destruction) or conventional surgery. to remove the damaged esophagus.

With the new therapy, a tiny ball is passed through the throat to the damaged esophageal cells. There, the ball contains metal wires on its inner surface, which will be inflated and metal wires will radiate radio waves to destroy the damaged cells. Previous studies have shown that this approach eliminates up to 90% of Barrett tissue after 1-2 treatments.