Prospects gel to help women fight HIV

US scientists have just released the results of testing a new gel, promising many possibilities to protect women from the risk of HIV infection from their partners.

In the study conducted by the Atlanta Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia, vaginal rubbing gel was tested on 6 female monkeys within 3 hours after mating. Of these, 5 out of 6 individuals were protected from a virus-like strain of HIV in animals.

Picture 1 of Prospects gel to help women fight HIV
The gel brings hope in the fight against HIV spread.(Photo: BBC)

Dr. Andrew Freedman, from Cardiff Medical School, said the test gel contained an anti-HIV drug that could block the virus in the later stages of infection. Therefore, women can apply this gel after sexual intercourse, which is different from existing drugs but must be used for many hours before intercourse.

This gel report on Sciene Translational Medicine is receiving the attention of scientists around the world.

According to experts, this is a promising new step, if successful will help prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS more effectively.

Although it shows many positive signals, research is in the early stages of testing that is expected to face many challenges before new drugs can be widely used. Experts continue to conduct research to carry out a large number of human surveys and insist that condoms are still the most effective measure to prevent HIV infection.