Caution should be exercised when using aloe vera through eating and drinking

Since ancient times, aloe vera (aloe vera, aloe vera) has been used extensively in beauty, in medicine and also for the preparation of dishes. Currently, aloe is still used a lot. In general, aloe vera and products made from aloe vera are good and safe for health.

Aloe contains many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes . beneficial to human health. Not only is it used outside the skin to beautify and treat certain conditions such as acne, minor burns, psoriasis . aloe is also used for eating and drinking. Aloe vera can help lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation, laxative, enhance memory, lose weight . But other effects of aloe vera such as anti-cancer, lower blood fat, support treatment of hepatitis . all lack clear evidence and conclusions.

If a aloe leaf is cut across, from the outside, first is a thin, hard blue shell (rind) , which has the main effect to protect the tree. Next is a thin layer of yellow plastic (latex) . In the end, the largest volume is the transparent gel layer (gel, juice) .

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The main components of aloe leaf.

Aloe, aloe vera products (cream, gel .) are considered safe when used outside the skin. However, caution should be exercised when using sugar aloe vera, including self-processing or direct selling . The shell (rind) and gel of aloe vera are safe, except for those with diabetes because aloe vera gel also lowers blood sugar. And the latex (latex) can have a great impact on health even when used in small amounts, the higher the dose, the more dangerous it will be.

Because aloe vera plastic contains substances that increase intestinal motility, helps treat constipation, but if used in high doses, prolonged regularly will cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. If more severe can cause kidney failure, hypokalemia, muscle weakness, arrhythmia . High doses of about 1g of plastic / day for several days can be fatal.

Therefore , aloe vera should not be used for pregnant women , potentially causing miscarriage. Children under 12 years of age should not take it because it is easy to cause digestive disorders.

People with other diseases such as liver failure; CKD; Gastrointestinal diseases should also avoid aloe vera.

These effects are all caused by the plastic part (latex) , so avoid products made from whole aloe leaves. In the United States, since 2002, the FDA has banned all functional foods containing aloe vera for safety reasons. It is unclear in Vietnam whether oral tablets or aloe vera contains latex (latex) inside.

If using aloe vera products, follow the directions for use and dosage, avoid overdose and prolong. Consult your doctor before use, especially when taking medications such as cardiovascular, diabetes, blood pressure .

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