Dean Mahomed Sake: The person who unites British and Indian culture

Dean Mahomed Sake was honored by Google Doodle on January 15. He was the one who brought Indian culture like cuisine and steam bath methods to the United Kingdom.

Who is Dean Mahomed Sake?

Dean Mahomed Sake was born in 1759 in Patna, India, which at the time was part of Bengal, the colony of the British Empire.

He is a surgeon in the army, a businessman.

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Google doodle changed to honor Dean Mahomed Sake.

When he was only 25 years old, Dean Mahomed Sake brought the taste and culture of his Indian homeland to the United Kingdom, opening centuries of favorite Indian cuisine across the UK.

This entrepreneur has a life full of first things. He was the first Indian author to publish an English book (The Travels of Dean Mahomed) , as well as being the first to open an Indian restaurant in England. The restaurant is called Hindoostane Coffee House.

Dean Mahomed Sake also introduced a steam bath method to England and became a favorite massage therapist.

Hindoostane Coffee House opened in 1810, located in Portman Square, London and is rated one of the places that provides a high-quality culinary experience in 1810. It is also remembered as a place that created literary dishes. Indian culture is the most popular in the UK until now.

Mr. Mahomed's Hindoostane restaurant is the perfect place for the nobility. Customers can enjoy Shisha with Chilm cigarettes and the most perfect Indian dishes.

Mr. Mahomed's plan is to serve 'Indianized ' British food, attracting Indian aristocrats in London as well as British return from India. However, the Indian nobility did not come to eat at the restaurant because they had their own cooking chef.

Later, his restaurant was forced to declare bankruptcy just two years after its opening.

Doctor Brighton

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Dean Mahomed Sake.

In 1814, he opened a luxurious bathroom called Mahomed's Baths, serving a wealth of customers and providing revolutionary services to the British.

Next, he opened a bath in Brighton, offering therapeutic massage that he called 'shampooing', meaning 'head massage' . This method is popular throughout the UK. Herbal steam baths and therapeutic massage techniques have become a regular part of British royal life. Prince of Wales, King George IV and then William IV were his close clients.

He was so loved that many people called him Doctor Brighton.

In 1822, he published a book about the benefits of therapeutic steam baths. The book became one of the bestsellers.

Portrait in the museum in England

With contributions that spread Indian culture to England, he was portrayed a portrait in the Brighton Museum and remembered as the one who unites Indian and British culture in the early 1800s.

He died in Brighton in 1851 at the age of 91.

Google Doodle honored Dean Mahomed Sake on the day he launched the first book written in English 225 years ago (January 15, 1794).

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