Do you want to try FBI agent recruitment questions?

FBI agent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. According to statistics, only less than 5% of applicants are selected. The remaining 95% are mostly eliminated by questions that require innate judgment. So do you want to know which group you will be in?

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Look at the photo, there are two women sitting opposite each other and a boy playing with his toy.Based on the details you observe, guess which woman is most likely to be the baby's mother?

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A man was found dead because of a shot, while he was still holding a gun in his hand. At the crime scene also found a cassette machine. When the investigator clicked on the 'Play' button of the cassette, a recorded recording was written as follows : 'I feel so tired of this life, I will end the hell days. I am suffering ' then the gunshot sounded.Although all the details in the field led to the conclusion of a suicide, the investigators still did not believe the result.Do you know why?

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Mary is a serial killer.In order to carry out her next case, she invited Jane to the house for dinner.After finishing eating, Mary continued to make the apple dessert.Given that the apple was too big, Mary used it to double it and invited Jane half while I ate the other half.Surprisingly, when the two of them finished eating their apples Jane lost her life, while Mary was still completely unharmed.Discover Mary's murder tricks in this case?

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A man was found murdered at home on Sunday afternoon.Immediately, the police sealed the scene and found four suspects in the victim's house at the time of the case.

Below is the testimony of the suspects:

  • The wife: 'At that time, I was reading a book.'
  • Chef : 'At that time, I was cooking breakfast for the whole family'.
  • Gardener: 'At that time, I was watering plants in the garden'.
  • The maid: 'At that time, I was fixing the table'.

Through these testimonies, who do you think is the real culprit?


Question 1 : The woman in blue dress will most likely be the baby's mother. This is due to the following details:

  • Through the foot position, it can be seen that this woman is sitting facing the child. Also, her people poured forward. This is the sitting posture according to the natural reflex of a mother: always in a protective state, watching over her child.
  • By natural reflexes, when playing or doing anything, a child will tend to face towards their loved one. In this case it is the mother.

Question 2 : If this man commits suicide, after he dies no one can press the end button to complete the recording that is being performed on the cassette.

Question 3 : Mary put poison on one side of the knife. After adding, Mary gave Jane half an apple on the side of the poisoned knife.

Question 4 : The chef is the killer, because no one cooks breakfast in the afternoon.

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