Drone will be a means of transporting blood in the future

Health workers and rescue teams are not always sufficient to wait for supplies of blood, especially when they are in a remote area where most transportation will cost very little. long time, or impossible to reach.

According to Engadget, it does not have to worry anymore. Researchers from Johns Hopkins have found a safe way to carry large blood bags (which can be used for surgery or blood transfusions) using a drone.

Picture 1 of Drone will be a means of transporting blood in the future
Using drone does not affect the chemistry, hematology ... blood samples, as long as the blood is kept in the chillers.

In one study, they found that the use of drone did not affect the blood chemistry, hematological or microbiological characteristics of the samples when flying at 100 meters, even when the distance was up to 20km . So long as the blood is kept in a chiller has a temperature monitor, it can be used almost immediately.

There are some steps that we need to implement before drone is used in this field. From the beginning, it is necessary to use a cooling system to maintain a constant temperature. However, the results are very encouraging. Rescue workers can receive blood bags within minutes, or travel teams will be more relieved to know that they will receive blood if the accident is unfortunate. In addition, rural communities will not have to worry much about their bloodshed.

So, as long as drone flights can work, even a small clinic in a remote village will always have plenty of blood in hand.