The US company is about to build a supersonic passenger plane of 6,000km / h

If successful, the model of Hermeus could shorten the flight time between New York and London to 1.5 hours compared to the current 7 hours.

Start-up company Hermeus in the US is planning to develop a model of supersonic aircraft that can fly at Mach 5, or more than 6,174 km / h. With this speed, the flight time from New York to London will be reduced from 7 hours to 90 minutes, representatives of Hermeus said in a notice on 13/5. Mach 1 approximates the speed at which sound travels through Earth's atmosphere.

Picture 1 of The US company is about to build a supersonic passenger plane of 6,000km / h
The supersonic model can fly at Mach 5, more than 6,174 km / h.

The main material for making aircraft is titanium and the jet system will consist of a turbine-based combined cycle engine . AJ Piplica, CEO of Hermeus, said in the next five years, the company aims to complete vehicles that can reach March 5 before developing commercial aircraft that can serve 8 to 10 years.

Hermeus also announced an advisory council consisting of former president of the aerospace company Blue Origins and former deputy director of the US Federal Aviation Administration. The company's idea is to connect cities much faster than before, according to AJ Piplica.

The field of manufacturing supersonic aircraft that Hermeus prepares to participate has great potential for development. In 2017, start-up company Boom Technology partnered with Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, to create mechanical transport at Mach 2.2. A year ago, NASA signed a $ 241.5 million contract with Lockheed Martin to develop noise-free supersonic aircraft that could go into operation in mid-2022. Boeing announced in June 2018. Supersonic aircraft design at Aviation events and Aeronautics Forum in Atlanta.

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