Face lift technology from ancient to modern

With the desire to reach beauty, people invented facial peeling methods many years ago .

Human skin is the area where skin is exposed to the most external factors such as sunshine, dust, chemicals . most. This is also the reason why this skin is prone to injuries such as melasma, sunburn, acne, as well as rapid wrinkles and aging.

With the desire to have a perfect face, since ancient times, people have been constantly searching for and developing different skin peeling methods . Going back to the history of discovering the face-lift process "self-esteem "via the article below.

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Facial peeling is an aesthetic method that is not surgically used but uses masking compounds to remove damaged skin. Through this method, the damaged skin will peel off, the new skin will regenerate, be healthier and more beautiful.

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Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra - one of the pioneers in the "face lift" method

Few people know that this skin peeling technology is not newly developed but has been premised since the late nineteenth century by French doctors. At that time, people mixed zinc oxide, lard, olive oil with salicylic acid in a certain proportion and applied it to the patient's face twice a day until the face was brown and dry.

Doctors continue to use the second chemical formula including zinc oxide, boiling water, white gelatin and glycerin to cover the skin. Liquid and warm gelatin will adhere to the skin, forming an extremely sure mask. After 3-4 days, this mask gradually peels off according to the layer of dead skin and the patient will have a smooth, ruddy and shiny face.

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A doctor named Covey also offers a similar approach but uses pure carbolic acid to cause minor burns to the top layer of skin. Then, when his face was dry, he used natural glue to spread all over his face, keeping it for 3-4 days before using strips of paper to remove all dead skin. This process is quite painful but brings undeniable effects.

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Two product ads from Harriet Hubbard Ayer

By 1902, Harriet Hubbard Ayer, a plastic surgeon, "presented" the world of "skinning " methods . Specifically, she applied salicylic acid to a sponge and connected it with an electrode. When turning on the switch, the machine that controls the sponge moves around the patient's face and increases the effect of the acid.

In the following days, the patient could not speak or eat anything. Until the initial skin dies, they will be flushed like babies and 3 months later, the patient possesses perfect skin.

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Dr. Adolph Brown - one of the first people to use Croton oil from face to face

18 years later, a new skin peeling formula continued to appear: the phenol mask extracted from Croton seed oil . This method is popular in the United States because of its quick results: it only takes more than a week with a traditional mask-like way to make the patient a dreamy skin.

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Phenol has a very deep impact on the inner surface of the human skin, so there are many risks if not used properly

However, later, experts discovered the disadvantages of the method. Phenol can only be used to remove face skin for normal people but cannot be applied to people with black skin or a history of heart disease because it is very dangerous.

Therefore, people often use TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) to peel off the face. With different concentrations and dosages, this gives a faster recovery time than phenol.

Today, face lift technology has developed. However, basically, skinning will include the following basic steps: First, patients should consult with physicians and experts to understand the condition of their skin and health. .

Unlike cosmetic surgery methods, skin peeling does not have a general formula but should be based on each case to have effective treatment.

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After that, the doctor will choose the compound needed to use depending on the condition of the skin. Skin peeling will take place when the doctor creates a chemical mask on the patient's face.

Chemicals will kill damaged, damaged skin, causing them to flake off. During this time, the skin will feel a slight burn but only temporarily. At the end of the process, people remove dead skin and use some moisturizers to help the skin recover soon.

In addition to the aesthetic factor that gives patients, skinning also leaves a lot of potential health risks if not 'peeled' properly. Chemicals used in excessive doses will cause skin irritation, red rashes, blisters, making the skin worse than the original.

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Moreover, new skin is always sensitive to external factors, if there is no special diet and care, the skin will become a victim of ultraviolet rays, dust from the environment .

Interim: Beauty and desire to become more beautiful is justified. But think carefully before 'skinning' and choose only reputable and reliable facilities to do beauty to protect your own body.

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