Start the project to build the elevator to the moon

The elevator can bring robots or people to space is still a plan in the future. But a company by a NASA researcher said they could build elevators to the moon in the next eight years with current technology.

>>>Visitors enter the universe by a 200km / h elevator

LiftPort Group is seeking a $ 8,000 donation on the Kickstarter startup website to take the first step - creating a floating platform that connects to the ground so a robot can climb into the sky. The fundraisers also confirmed LiftPort Group has just returned to work after a pause due to the 2007-2012 economic crisis.

'Six months ago we achieved a fundamental breakthrough - a breakthrough we think will change people's civilization - and we want you to participate in that project ,' Michael Laine, Chairman of LiftPort Group, said.

That breakthrough will allow LiftPort to build elevators to the moon using current technologies and a single-rocket launch solution 'like Sputnik' Laine said, and said the idea would become reality within 8 years.

Picture 1 of Start the project to build the elevator to the moon
The floating platform makes the platform for the elevator to the moon
made by LiftPort company. (Source: Space )

The elevator to the moon is less complicated than the elevator to the universe because the moon has less gravity and no atmosphere. Gravity and atmosphere exert great pressure on any kind of material for a space elevator.

Laine built the space elevator idea with NASA's Institute of Advanced Ideas during 2001-2003. He then left NASA and founded LiftPrort Group in 2003 and tested robots capable of climbing 1.6km from a floating platform connected to the ground, before the company had to close.

Such floating platforms not only benefit the moon. They can become low-cost communication columns to provide wireless internet services, crop monitoring, forest fires, even installing cameras to observe the sky and post-disaster scene.

LiftPort Company set a modest fundraising goal because they are still training a new group of volunteers. Some former members of the company have moved to other projects.

Laine emphasized that he raised funds on Kickstarter not only to attract investment, but also to get people involved and interested in the project.

LiftPort's more ambitious goal is to raise $ 3 million - the goal Laine does not hope to make in the first round on Kickstarter - will allow LiftPort Group to conduct a feasibility study for the lifts to the moon. .

LiftPort Group is not the only company that aims to build a space elevator. Seattle-based LaserMotive previously won the Space Elevator competition organized by NASA. In addition, Japan's Obayashi Company also aims to complete the construction of elevators in space by 2050.

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