Jump up when the elevator lifts will survive?

Today, high-rise buildings, apartments, hotels, or commercial areas grow like mushrooms. And elevator is an indispensable means to help us move. In case, if the elevator is not collapsed or stuck, what should you do to get rid of the elevator safely and protect your life? So please refer to the article below to know how to escape.

The convenience of elevators is unquestionable. One by one, anyone can go from the first floor to the 25th floor quickly.

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Elevator accident is extremely rare.

But the flip side of that convenience is the obsession called Falling Elevator .

According to statistics, elevator accidents are extremely rare, with the accident rate when riding an elevator at only 0.00000015%.

In particular, the majority of fatal elevator accidents and injuries occurred during workers' installation and maintenance, followed by those trapped in the elevator doors or missing feet when the elevator stopped in the middle. two floor.

But unfortunately, on one day, you fell into the 0.00000015% what to do?

Picture 2 of Jump up when the elevator lifts will survive? A free-fall elevator like this, what should you do?

Some people think that jumping up to the time when the elevator lifts will help us avoid strong bumps?

The answer is no!

This thinking is only true for free-fall elevators in short distances, with low speeds (eg falling from the 3rd floor, at a distance of 7m to the ground).

If you fall from a higher position, in theory, you have to jump at the same time and at the same speed as the drift elevator, and that's unbelievable. So jumping up only increases the level of danger.

Normally, the speed of the elevator is about 160km / h, but people can only jump 3 - 4km / h. Therefore, if you jump up, the risk of injury is even higher!

So we have to do?

Picture 3 of Jump up when the elevator lifts will survive? Instead of standing upright, you should lie straight on the floor.

First, try to eliminate the fear that may happen to you and be calm .

Next, remember this method: instead of standing upright, you should lie straight on the floor to share the effects of gravity on your whole body. At that time, every part of the body will be less pressured, reducing the risk of injury.

Any lift has a shock absorber placed under the base. When you lie still on the floor, you and the elevator are a block, you will be " supported " by the shock absorber.

In case of less "black" than the elevator is stuck when moving. Press the button to open the door or press the rescue button as well as banging on the door or calling out loudly to ask for help from outside.

Also, don't be foolish and climb out of the elevator! The risk of being sandwiched between elevators and floors is very high. Experience has shown that, in case of elevator lift, inside the cabin is the safest option.

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