Giant meteorite is about to fly past Earth

The US Space Agency (NASA) confirmed that asteroid 1,000m in diameter will fly over Earth on February 15, 2020.

Picture 1 of Giant meteorite is about to fly past Earth
The 2002 asteroid PZ39 will fly over the Earth at a safe distance.(Photo: IB Times).

Scientists named the asteroid 2002 PZ39 . It is flying through space at a speed of 57,132 km / h. In the coming flight, the meteorite will be 5.8 million km from Earth. For NASA, any object closer to Earth than 7.5 million km is considered a meteorite potentially dangerous.

Despite the possibility of a very small collision, experts believe that the force of impact when the 2002 PZ39 meteorite hits the Earth will be equivalent to the atomic bomb, causing millions of deaths in an instant. Later fires, earthquakes and tsunamis can cause widespread damage to the planet.

2002 PZ39 is much larger than Bennu asteroid, asteroid is likely to become a threat to life on Earth in the future. Initial analysis revealed that Bennu was 512 m smaller than in 2002 PZ39."We think anything larger than one kilometer has an impact worldwide," NASA warned.

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