The 50m meteorite may crash into Earth later this year

The giant meteorite that is horizontal to the football field is likely to collide with the Earth in September this year with a risk of 1/7000.

Picture 1 of The 50m meteorite may crash into Earth later this year
The 2006 QV89 meteorite is about 50m wide.(Photo: CNN).

The European Space Agency (ESA) ranked the 2006 QV89 meteorite in fourth place on the list of most notable objects that could hit the Earth. 2006 QV89 is moving at 44,096km / h and the possibility of crashing into Earth is 1/7000.

If this happens, the collision will fall on 9/9. According to current predictions, asteroids will fly over Earth at a distance of nearly 6.8 million kilometers, but the ESA says the probability of false predictions is 0.01%.

The diameter of 2006 QV89 is 50m, more than the Tunguska meteorite that once crashed into Earth in 1908. The collision took place near the Podkamennaya Tunguska river in Yeniseysk province, Russia, leveling the forest 1.994km 2 , wider than the whole city. London of England.

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