Interesting facts about International Women's Day 8/3

On the International Women's Day 8/3, learn some interesting things about pink shadows in the world.

  • Researchers have confirmed that women speak about 20,000 words a day, while men speak only 7,000 words.
  • According to, women produce 50% of the world's food, but they own only 1% of their land.
  • Of the 157 million women currently living in the United States, nearly 85.4 million (54%) are mothers.
  • On average, a woman owns more than 25 pairs of shoes.
  • 6 Out of 197 countries in the world, 22 countries have female heads of state - accounting for 11.2%.

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  • Women have higher education levels than men, 58% of female students graduate from universities. Women are the majority of graduates of the humanities and arts sciences (about two-thirds), while men continue to dominate the natural sciences.
  • Men who are promoted are due to their talents, while women are promoted due to their past accomplishments.
  • In most countries, women work longer hours than men but get less pay.
  • Research shows that women living in equatorial areas have a higher probability of giving birth to girls than boys.
  • Women in poor countries have to work harder, work longer hours in the informal economy and face increasingly degrading working conditions.
  • Studies confirm that there is a direct correlation between the level of economic growth and the gender gap in this area.
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